Ice Globes: Facial Massage, Pore Reduction & Glow

We all know the feeling of fresh and radiant skin that makes us feel invincible. Even though true beauty still comes from within, our complexion can use a little boost in everyday life. With Facial Ice Globes, you can give your face a radiant glow. That’s just one reason why Ice Globes are a must-have product in your facial routine. From now on, you can forget about chilling with spoons and ice cubes! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Ice Globes and why you should use them! More about facial care and skin care here. Back to Beauty Tools and back to the Beauty Guide.

What is skin icing?

An ice-cold feeling on the skin not only wakes you up, but also gives you a radiant complexion that gives you a whole new attitude towards life. “Skin icing with ice balls helps you to tighten and smooth your skin and also works as a lymphatic massage. Here you can find out everything about skin icing, how to use it and the benefits of this beauty tool.

Yoga for the face

A facial massage with the ice balls provides a relaxing and cooling experience. The ice balls stimulate blood circulation and oxygen supply that leads to pore reduction. Advantages of the Beauty Tool:

  1. Reduction of dark circles
  2. Reduction of redness and pigmentation
  3. Pore Reduction
  4. Relief from headaches and muscle tension
  5. A whole new sense of a spa experience
  6. Faster absorption of the product

Facial Massage Tutorial

You have just heard about the new beauty tool and want to tighten and detoxify your skin? The tutorial, especially for beginners, shows you the right method of a lymphatic facial massage. Let’s go!

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