Canada Goose Videos: Winter fashion, stores, collaborations and interviews

Canada Goose – Specializing in jackets and now also shoes, Canada Goose offers the perfect equipment for any winter adventures for which there is no such thing as too uncomfortable weather. Although the prices are in the upper class, but for the quality is also really nothing to complain about. After all, the concept is based on climbing Mount Everest. The winter-based brand also presents itself on the catwalks of the fashion world and has strong collaborations. More about this and how such a jacket is made, you can find here All about the brand: Canada Goose.

Fashion show: Looks for young and old

Also on Canada Goose you meet fashion shows, whether it is a collection for children or for adults.

Autumn / winter outfits ladies and men

Get here an impression of the fall/winter collection 2017 presented at the Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Youth and children collection: with choreo on the catwalk

Choreographer Jade Jager Clark and young models and dancers ages 6 to 14 from her Hip Hop Academy collaborated with Canada Goose to present their 2014 youth and children’s collection.

Collaborations: Fashion and music

Whether “ordinary” collaboration with other clothing industries or in a music video. Canada Gooses takes everything they can get on their way.

Canada Goose x Wings and Horns

“The Decade Parker” is the name of the jacket, created in collaboration with Wings and Horns.

Canada Goose as part of music video

A music video by Pressa and Tory Lanez features pieces from Canada Goose as part of a collaboration.

Commercials: Not only jackets, but also shoes

Meanwhile, Canada Goose produces not only high-quality winter jackets, but also good quality footwear.

The collection for warm feet

Extreme weather protection is now no longer reserved for the upper body, but is available from head to toe.

Interviews: Partner and entrepreneur

Close to the history and ideology of the brand that sells luxury winter jackets.

Laurie Skreslet and David Reiss on their meeting

Laurie Skreslet wanted to climb Mount Everest, and he needed support. So he met the founder of Canada Goose, David Reiss, in whom he found his partner. The result was the Skreslet Parker.

Kevin Spreekmeester proud about ambassadors

Senior Vice President in Marketing at Canada Goose, Kevin Spreekmeester, on the Ambassadors.

Insights: Production and Stores

Here you will get special impressions of the production process and a unique store that is probably not found anywhere else in the world.

How the jackets are made

Spencer Orr, head of design and merchandise, shows us how the Canadian jackets are made and how to spot a fake.

A store at the next level

In the new Canada Goose store you can test the winter jackets on skin and kidneys. In addition to the normal trying on, there is also a special: a frozen room with real snow inside. Here you can immediately test the quality.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose is one of the leading suppliers of luxury clothing in the field of winter fashion. They always follow the motto: Made in Canada. This alone shows that the brand cares a lot about its founding country. That’s why they don’t shy away from charity projects, the proceeds of which they naturally donate to selected organizations or people in need. find out more about Canada Goose, manufacturing, projects, and more here.

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