Berlin Fashion Week dates: Fashion show, designers, fairs and events

Berlin Fashion Week – Fashion Weeks also take place in Germany. In the capital of Germany cultures and different styles meet. Berlin has been the venue for the big fashion week in Germany since 2007, with fashion brands such as MarcCain and Allude presenting their new collections. Of course, the shows and the scope of the fashion week are somewhat smaller, as in Paris or Milan.

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Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week takes place twice a year. With one week for the new fall / winter season and one for the spring / summer season, the capital is well served. However, the future of Berlin Fashion Week is currently in the dark – so the fashion week will henceforth move to Frankfurt and take place there from summer 2021. However, a Berlin Fashion Week will still be held in September.

Map and city at a glance: Berlin

Couture on Kurfürstendamm, luxury designer fashion in the Kaufhaus des Westens and outlandish fashion trends in the rest of Berlin – the capital has a lot to offer in terms of diversity and fashion. There is always something going on in Germany’s largest city, especially during Fashion Week: runways, showrooms and after-show parties.

Here you get an overview of the City:

Here are the current dates for Berlin Fashion Week!

Berlin Fashion Week 2024

Fashion Week takes place twice a year in Berlin. The fashion for the coming fall / winter season in January and the collections of the next year coming spring / summer season in September presented. In addition, the About You Fashion Week takes place directly after the Berlin Fashion Week.

Autumn / Winter 2024/25 from 04 – 08 February 2024

  • Spring / Summer 2025 from 01 – 04 July 2024

Top regular designer

At the Fashion Week in Berlin there are some designers who are as good as always there, these include Marc Cain and Kilian Kerner.

Marc Cain

Marc Cain’s collections feature high-quality knits in a wide range of variations, eye-catching colors and unusual patterns as a consistent theme. The brand sets new standards in the fashion industry with innovative 3D knitting techniques that enable seamless knitting.

Kilian Kerner

Designer Kilian Kerner is characterized by flowing fabrics in slim silhouette, pants with low crotch, asymmetry and creative mix of materials.

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