The Big 4: Fashion Week NY, Paris, Milan & London

Every big city has its own fashion week, where various larger or smaller designers present their new fashion collections with models in staged shows. The first Fashion Week took place in the early 40’s in New York City. The name of the fashion week at that time was “Press Week”. The audience at the fashion weeks of this world is different and ranges from buyers of large fashion chains to celebrities, to fashion-enthusiastic bloggers. The big fashion weeks take place, with exception, twice a year. So the designers can present their spring and summer collections, as well as their autumn and winter collections in front of a wide audience and with great media effort. Among the most influential fashion weeks in the world are the so-called “Big Four”: New York, Paris, London and Milan. Here you can find all Fashion Week cities & dates.

Fashion-Week – Start and schedule of the fashion week

The fashion shows of the famous designers, such as Marc Jacobs or Georgio Armani are usually in a time window of 15 minutes, there are of course deviations. Each designer puts his own visions into practice with the fashion show. So there is no set sequence for the individual fashion shows. Most designers use a basic sequence for orientation. In every fashion show there is an opening model, which is very important for the designer. The first impression of his fashion collections on the critical audience must be perfect. The models usually present several outfits and basically walk the catwalk twice. There is a final model which is also of great importance to the designer. The highlight of the collection should surprise and particularly fascinate the audience as the conclusion of the show. At the end of each fashion show, the models walk one after the other, together down the catwalk and show the audience their outfit once again.

Fashion Week New York

Once sitting in the front row at the New York Fashion Week: A dream of many young girls! Those who have made it here are an integral part of the fashion scene and belong to the inner circle. The fashion week in New York is one of the most exclusive and successful fashion weeks in the world. In keeping with this, Fashion Week in the Big Apple opens every season as the first of the fashion capitals. While Bryant Park used to be the venue for the fashion shows, today Lincoln Center is the fashion hot spot of the New York Fashion Weeks.

The “Who is Who” of the fashion industry

Over 50 main shows by well-known designers, such as Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors or Ralph Lauren, delight the audience at Lincoln Center. In addition to the large fashion shows, there are numerous smaller fashion shows in galleries or other exclusive locations in Manhattan. Models present the new ladies’ and men’s collections, male and female models sometimes walk the catwalk together. The number of visitors to the DES fashion event is in six figures. Fashion editors and fashion bloggers scramble for the coveted seats next to the catwalk.

Michael Kors Show – New York Fashion Week Fall 2015

Fashion Week Paris

Besides the New York Fashion Week, the Paris Fashion Week is also of great importance in the fashion scene. The Paris Fashion Week usually takes place last, after the fashion weeks of the other three fashion metropolises.

The Fashion Week Paris program includes more than 90 major fashion shows. Highlights are among others the fashion shows of Chanel, Dior or Alexander McQueen. The fashion collections of the designers exude a mysterious charm, a flair that makes Paris a very special fashion city. At the Fashion Week, pret-à-porter fashion is presented for the most part. But also the popular haute couture is not neglected in Paris: on numerous evening events, fashion enthusiasts can watch the haute couture shows. Paris is the birthplace of haute couture, an upscale tailoring art.

The crème de là crème of women’s fashion

Extravagant, high quality, expensive and not suitable for everyday use. Fashion that is interpreted as true art even for outsiders. The haute couture elements of the fashion collections are the showpieces of every designer. The development of haute couture was a triumph of fashion history and continues to shape the fashion scene today. The idea for classic fashion shows as we know them today also originated in Paris.

After an influential designer of the time, Monsieur Charles Frederick Worth, opened various fashion houses in France, he began to have his collections demonstrated by models. His vision: to present fashion in the best possible way to be worn. A marketing strategy that worked and became an achievement of the fashion industry.

Chanel Haute Couture Show Fall-Winter

Fashion Week London

The London Fashion Weeks take place every year in February and September at the traditional and central Somerset House. The fashion shows are a highlight for the London society. Fashion Week London is sponsored by Mercedes Benz and by the well-known hairdresser chain Tony and Guy. During the Fashion Week London, hip and exclusive fashion collections for men and women are presented. Over 150 designers give their fashion collections a stage. The men are not neglected in London: during the “London Collections Men” event, the new men’s fashion is presented. After the London Fashion Weeks, the so-called “Fashion Weekend” takes place, which, in contrast to the Fashion Week, is open to the public and mainly serves the retailers.

Fashion Week Milan – the city lives fashion

Italians can’t get enough of fashion. Milan Fashion Week takes place four times a year. Milan is especially famous for the fashion shows of the men’s collections. Milan is considered a fashion hot spot for men’s fashion. Every season, the international fashion scene looks especially to the men’s collections of the designers at Milan Fashion-Week. The fashion shows for men’s collections take place in January and June. Women’s fashion is presented in February and September. Well-known designers such as Georgio Armani or Versace shape the fashion week in Milan.

Berlin Fashion Week Closing Show by CM

Fashion Week Berlin

Although Berlin Fashion Week is not one of the “Big Four” of the fashion scene, it is also a fashion metropolis with a well-known and much-visited Fashion Week. The fashion week in Berlin takes place in January and July. On the catwalks are presented both collections of established designers, such as Wolfgang Joop, Michael Michalsky or Hugo Boss, as well as talented young designers and new comers.

Fashion & Design in the capital

The sponsorship of Fashion Week Berlin lies with Mercedes-Benz. The fashion shows in Berlin are considered a springboard for international success for young designers and are a colourful, fascinating spectacle every season. Fashion enthusiasts from all over Germany make a seasonal pilgrimage to Berlin to marvel at the fashion shows, discover new designers, find out about new trends and party like crazy.

All Fashion Week Cities & Dates

Here you can find all shows worldwide, in one list:

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