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Tokyo Fashion Week – Other global fashion weeks have long been down to a science. Every city has its uniform, from colorful print patterns in New York to timeless black leather blazers in Paris. But in Tokyo, those rules don’t exist. All style groups shine. Whether a Rei Kawakubo-inspired crow or a pastel Lolita goth girl, people in Tokyo often go above and beyond when it comes to showing their individuality. At Tokyo Fashion Week, there’s something for everyone.

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Tokyo Fashion Week

Tokyo Fashion Week is organized by Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) and is held twice a year (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter). The locations for the Fashion Week are two places: Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills. Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills, as well as other locations in Tokyo, showcase the latest Japanese creations that attract attention around the world.

Unlike other major fashion weeks, Tokyo Fashion Week often consists of smaller labels presenting their collections. Extreme presentations, like those by Chanel or Fendi, are not Tokyo’s kind of art show. Rather, quiet, intimate showings that let attendees breathe a sigh of relief are Tokyo’s thing. There’s not much at stake, and no one to impress – it’s all about the love of creation.

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Tokyo Fashion Week 2024

Fashion Weeks in Tokyo are gaining more and more popularity. Fashion Week Tokyo is becoming more and more popular. According to Hiroshi Komoda, the director of Fashion Week, Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo is “a significant step towards safe, new and progressive events.” Here you can find an overview of the Fashion Week dates:

  • Fall / Winter 2024/25 Fashion Week: dates to follow
  • Spring / Summer 2025 Fashion Week: Dates to follow

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