Ted Baker: Dress, Make-Up Bag & Cross-Body Bag

Ted Baker – A British fashion brand of luxury clothing and accessories for women and men, based in London. The luxury brand has several stores in the UK and the US and is known for its signature patterns and colors. Whether it’s a lovingly laced bow, a chic drape or a blouse collar adorned with glittering stones, the British brand Ted Baker is dominated by attention to detail. Discover your new favourite from Ted Baker!

Ted Baker – A British cult brand

The label offers women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, as well as accessories, cosmetics and other lifestyle products. Everything that is produced under the name Ted Baker has that certain something! The designer label is known for its subtle humour, distinctive use of colour and pattern and above all for its commitment to quality craftsmanship.

History of the “No Ordinary Designer Label

What once started as a shirt brand in Glasgow has long since become a British cult brand. Ray Kelvin founded Ted Baker as a menswear brand in 1988.
Right from the start, Ted Baker had a very clear eye for quality, paid a lot of attention to detail and showed a fine sense of humour. So much humor, in fact, that the first store even offered a laundry service for every shirt purchased. This is exactly what earned the rapidly expanding brand a reputation as a “No Ordinary Designer Label”. All products made by Ted Baker have personality and heart.

Timeline to 2000:

  • 1987: The idea for a global brand came while fishing
  • 1988: Opening of the first store in Glasgow
  • 1990: First store in London and Ted Baker is taken over by Goldberg and Sons
  • 1992: Launch of the Blue Baker collection
  • 1993: Opening of further stores in Soho and in the Victoria Quarter in Leads
  • 1994: Management handed over to distributor and start of wholesale business in the UK
  • 1995: Collection: Ted Baker Woman and Ted Baker Lite is launched
  • 1996: Start of the wholesale business in USA, launch of the Teddy Boy collection
  • 1997: publicly traded company – Ted Baker PLC
  • 1998: Opening of the first independent store in New York, launch of skinwear and underwear collection
  • 1999: Design of the Endurance suit
  • 2000: Launch of the Ted Baker shoe collection & Teddy Girl collection, move to ‘The Ugly Brown Building’.

Ted Baker – Alter-Ego

Why did Ray Kelvin name his label Ted Baker? The idea for his brand came about while fishing. Ray first heard the name Ted Baker in conversation. Since the designer wanted to part with the brand, he invented the character Ted Baker in case it became a total flop. Ray associated the made-up name, his personal alter-ego.

Marketing by Ted Baker

The marketing of Ted Baker goes unusual ways and thus stands out from the crowd. Even today, the most important marketing tool is word of mouth. Special marketing campaigns included giving away chocolate bunnies at Easter or special World Cup football tickets. Ted Baker managed to establish itself as an internationally successful designer label without a single advertising campaign.

Ted Baker clothing

What makes Ted Baker clothes so popular?

Absolute highlight: A statement dress

From statement midi dresses to floral skater styles, put Ted’s dresses in the spotlight in style. Ted Baker has a wide range of different dresses, so there’s a dress for every occasion!

Here you see the trendy one-shoulder-dress GABIE in wrap-look:


Ted Baker Eyewear is as imaginative and original as the designer brand’s fashion designs. The sunglasses collections offer an incomparable mix of expressive designs with a special design language, strong color accents and playful details.

Discover Ted Baker’s oversized leopard print sunglasses:

Perfect companions for everyday life: bags

Whether it’s clutches, leather bags or luxurious luggage, at Ted Baker you’re guaranteed to find the perfect companion to keep you stylish on the go. Ted Baker offers briefcases, travel bags, backpacks and much more. An indispensable fashion accessory: cross body bags! The model Naomina by Ted Baker is a definite eye-catcher. In the eye-catching red tone, it is perfect to spice up a basic outfit. Let the cross body bag inspire you!


Ted Baker Soocon Icon Shopper in stylish silver/grey tone, perfect for shopping! On your marks shopping go!

Highlight: Make-Up Bag

From feminine floral prints to decorative leather bows, Ted Baker’s cosmetic bags are not only pretty to look at but also keep all your beloved make-up neat and tidy. Especially this make-up bag in pink with white bow is an absolute must-have for ladies!

Mobile phone cover zebra look

Especially the mobile phone cases from Ted Baker are bought again and again with pleasure. With trendy and flowery designs Ted Baker attracts attention. The phone cases are available for both men and women, as well as for the latest models of Apple. Whether flowers, glitter, simple or striking – everyone will find what they are looking for!

In Sneaker Heaven: Ted Baker Platform Sneaker

Ted’s sneakers stand out with colourful prints and high-shine inserts. The range offers luxurious sneakers, with a wide selection of trendy colours.

Perfect for spring and summer, the trendy Ted Baker Kellei Leather Lace up Platform Sneaker:

Suits: Performance

Smart and sophisticated – the suits from Ted Baker. The performance suits are the ultimate workwear for the gentleman who is always on the go. Grey, black or dark blue, choose your own colour to match. Check out the perfect companion for smart occasions, the Ted Baker Endurance performance suit in navy:

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