Streetstyles Fall Berlin 2017: Long Coats, Leather Jackets Trend Check

Es ist wieder soweit! Die kalten Jahreszeiten beginnen und somit auch die Zeit der Herbstmode. Street Style zeigt oft die besten Trends und modischsten Outfits. Welche Farben und was für Accessoires im Trend sind zeigt sich am besten an den aktuellen Street Styles. Berlin ist die Mode und Hauptstadt Deutschlands. Egal zu welcher Jahreszeit die Berliner und ihr Streetstyle haben ihren eigenen Vibe, von dem es sich lohnt etwas zu klauen und für seine eigene Herbst/Winter Outfit Inspiration zu nutzen! Wir haben euch ein paar Berliner Streetstyles ausgewählt, die ihr für den Herbst gesehen haben solltet!

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Berlin & Berlin TV Tower Autumn 2017

Street Style Berlin Women & Men

Berlin street style is characterized above all by its mixture. It is a play between casual and chic – cosiness and business. A warm sweater is combined with a chic coat or a cool leather jacket with a shirt. No matter where you are in Berlin, there’s an opportunity to see a street style outfit of Berlin style waiting on every corner. With all that Berlin offers in terms of places and views, the big city is exactly the city that brings fashion not only cool but also always up to date the latest trends directly to life!

Teddy Jackets / Leather Jackets Combinations

The colors of fashion in autumn are predominantly earth tones and muted colors in combination with strong signal colors like red here: Red boots or boots and especially the “teddy jacket look no matter in what color variation, are particularly trendy this fall. Long coats are in autumn the A & O for a fashionable wardrobe. Whether in men’s or women’s fashion, a long monochrome coat, warm sweater a chic handbag and you already have a stylish combination.

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Lined jackets are perfect for autumn / winter. In striking colors like red or very cool in leather jacket style they are not only ‘en vogue’, but also warming and just right in Berlin street style.

Long coats against Berlin cold

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Grey tones & black in the outfit give the autumn styles of the Berlin street style. The men’s styles are especially with dark or neutral muted colors. Parts like leather jackets can always be worn and are a must when it comes to Berlin.

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In cool suede look or quite classic, the leather jacket can always be found in the Berlin street style!

Chic Must Haves: Accessories Key Looks

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Belts and handbags! The must-have for any completion of a perfect street style outfit. Berliners emphasize their chic / business look with waist belts and matching handbags. As with New York’s fall street styles, Berliners are trending waist pack and handbag belt combinations.

Berlin coolness : Everything for the head

The Berlin style has not only chic accessories like belts and handbags but also cool headgear! Berrets and caps are trendy and give every outfit the final touch. Whether like here in dark colors or for example in bright red, the Berliners combine them colorful to the rest of the outfit.