Shopping in Düsseldorf: Shopping at the Kö, Medienhafen, Boutiques & Second-Hand

Düsseldorf – Let’s face it, outside of fashion Düsseldorf is often overlooked in favour of Cologne. But when it comes to fashion, Düsseldorf is unbeatable – Hugo Boss, C&A, P&C to name but a few. The elegant, urban-modern city is located on the eastern bank of the Rhine. The German advertising and fashion industry has always been at home here and has turned the small metropolis into an important and internationally recognized economic and financial center.

Düsseldorf Arcaden to the Königsallee: The City

One thing is clear, Düsseldorf with its link to fashion and advertising industry, the many museums, the thriving designer scene and thank you world-class architecture will always be magnet for visitors from all over. It used to be the village on the river Düssel, a tributary of the Rhine. At some point the names merged and the small fishing village became today’s fashion metropolis Düsseldorf. Of course, not only fashion plays a central role here, also the contemporary art and culture scene is at home here and an integral part of the city.

The Media Harbour

Formerly more of a wasteland of shipping industry, Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen has undergone astonishing development in recent years. The former trading port was lined with abandoned halls, crumbling facades and shuttered factories. Today it is a modern port and the media industry has found its home here. Frank Gehry’s avant-garde buildings are also impressive. Side by side, the buildings line up in the ‘Neuer Zollhof’ district and are reminiscent of an old industrial area.

From the media harbour to Düsseldorf’s galleries

Düsseldorf citizens have always been fashion conscious. But apart from being known for its world-class art exhibitions, Düsseldorf is also home to one of the most important collections of 20th century art. The treasures of the “Nordrhein-Westfalen Kunstsammlung” are stored in the K20 and K21. Both art museums are only a little more than a kilometre apart. In addition to works by Warhol and Picasso, the real who’s who of the modern art world can be found here. The shuttle bus then takes you to the respective sister museum free of charge.

Models, VIPs and fashion: the trends

When we think of Düsseldorf, we inevitably always come to one point: the Königsallee with all its shop windows and fashion boutiques. Just getting there is really super nice. Along the Rheinuferpromenade, a pedestrian zone along the Rhine, directly past the Medienhafen.

Königsallee: Luxury boutiques and ‘being seen

The ‘Kö’, as Düsseldorfers call it themselves, is a one-kilometre-long luxury shopping mile in the middle of the city. Due to its location in the heart of the city, it can be reached quickly from the main train station as well as by all means of public transport. On the Königsallee one can stroll and collect ideas. But if you want to buy something, you have to have the necessary change with you. It is not for nothing that the “Kö” is considered one of the luxury shopping miles in Germany. But we also know that fashion cannot survive without money. That’s why the well-heeled city on the Rhine remains a stronghold for high-priced fashion in Germany.

Fashion shows and fashion fairs

Of course, Düsseldorf always offers special highlights with the various fashion shows and fashion fairs. One of the most important is the CPD Messe Düsseldorf. It is considered an international platform for the fashion industry and has been held here city since the 1980s. The CPD is a must for all those who are active in the fashion industry. Impulses come from the various creative spots in the city: designers, fashion schools or even advertising and media agencies. Once a year, you can look over the shoulders of fashion designers and watch them at work during the annual Tour d’Atelier.

Old town: boutiques, second-hand shops, designer labels

We continue to the old town. The Altstadt is the address for new fashion trends, shopaholics and visitors. The shopping district is located at the northern end of the Königsallee. Small boutiques, second-hand shops, designer labels and of course all the big clothing chains. Department stores, clothing stores and many, many shoe shops can be found on the way, directly in the Schadowstraße or the Schadow Arkaden. And for all night owls it goes on directly from here! Because there is one thing in particular that is ideal for partying in Düsseldorf: The northern end of the street, directly in the direction of the old town. Here lies Germany’s largest bar mile: Over 250 bars, restaurants, cafés and clubs are lined up next to each other. This is where old-established Düsseldorfers and shopping-crazed tourists meet. It is even internationally known as the “longest bar of the wet”.

Good hotels: tips for Düsseldorf

After a long party night between model agencies and fashion design you come perfectly, directly on the Königsallee. Ua. in the Breidenbacher-Hof. For a little more green space, Düsseldorf’s Melia Hotel is perfect, directly behind it is one of the oldest parks in Germany with lakes, art sculptures and green meadows.