Modeling – Tips & Tutorials: The CM Model Guide, now new!

Model werden – Professionell zu modeln und davon in absehbarer Zeit gut leben zu können, ist der Traum vieler Nachwuchs- und Fotomodels, bei ihren ersten Agentur-Castings. Wir helfen wir kostenlos und überall, mit unerem CM Model Guide. Über 100 Artikel zum Thema Modelagentur, Model werden, Mode, Medien und vieles mehr. In unserem neuen Model Guide findest du alle wichtigen Informationen für deinen Einstieg in die Mode- und Medienbranche.

In the guide we answer the important questions. Every week our booking team receives many questions, on the phone and in e-mails, of course all on the topic of “becoming a model”. How do I start? What is the best place to start? Do I need a lot of shoots? Instead of spending the weekends with wild parties, we always sat back on Sundays with a coffee in the office and wrote new articles for you! So you’ll always have detailed information about all the important topics. Before you apply in a model agency. Now you can prepare perfectly for your model application.

All for free, for your first steps in the fashion and advertising industry, the overview:

  1. Become a model – Articles, Tips & Tutorials
  2. Important Terms– For Job, Casting & Shooting
  3. Important Names– Labels, Brands & Magazines
  4. Boutique Guide – Shopping Tips for Germany

Become a model – articles, tips, tutorials and videos in our YouTube Playlist

With detailed articles on various topics you have in the section “Become a model”. All important information is collected in clear headings at a glance. Here it is about the perfect model application, but also about the fashion capitals of the world, fashion weeks, health and nutrition, movement, and much more. We also explain what life is like as a model in the advertising industry. You will also find tips for your first fashion show and interesting facts like the difference between Haute Couture & Pret-A-Porter. You will also find videos that show you how to move as a model in front of the camera or how to build up your model portfolio. Click here for the overview: Become a model– articles, tips & tutorials.

All articles are hand written and researched so you have a guide!

Modeling – Terms and Knowhow for Job, Casting & Shooting

We have researched the most important technical terms for you and packed them into small articles. Here you will find all the important terms, from model booker in the agency, to close-up at the photo shoot, to direct booking or information about sedcard and stylists. See here Important Terms– For Job, Casting & Shooting.

Small Talk – Important names, fashion labels, brands and fashion magazines

In this step of the CM Models Guide you get the most important names of the fashion industry simply and clearly packed. Whether it’s the ten biggest fashion magazines in Germany, the top fashion designers or international top models. No matter how or where, with the new Models Guide you’ll be perfectly prepared for your next casting at an agency or with a client. Watch now: Important Names– Labels, Brands & Magazines.

Boutique Guide – Shopping Tips for Hamburg, Munich, Berlin & Co.

After the first model jobs, comes the travelling. Shootings in Berlin, jobs in Munich, shoots in Hamburg. If you need to find good addresses for new outfits quickly, you’ll find recommendations and tips for every major German city here. So you’ll be perfectly prepared, for every shoot and for every shopping trip. All shopping tips: Boutique Guide– Shopping Tips for Germany.

More videos about modeling and becoming a model on YouTube

You can also find exciting videos and tutorials at any time in our YouTube playlist. Here it’s about becoming a model, but also topics like fitness and nutrition, as well as the most beautiful catwalk looks. You can find our YouTube channel right here: Become a Model.

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