Chanel spring / summer fashion 2023: Classic, Chick – Fashion Week Paris

Chanel Spring / Summer Collection 2023 – Chanel shows her own charm at Paris Fashion Week. “Last Year in Marienbad” (1961) by Alain Resnais is played in front of a 360 degree cinema screen. The models present the new collection in front of the big screen on the catwalk, the fashion brand keeps its familiar look and impresses with classic designs. True to the motto freedom of expression, Kristen Stewart is a part of the campaign, the actress embodies exactly that as the face of the new collection!

Spring / summer fashion for women 2023: Chanel

Elegant, chic and totally charming: Chanel presents its summer collection.

Short dresses with a defined waist and a narrow silver belt. Black and white garments in every shape, long dresses, short dresses and pantsuits. That is what dominates on the runway of the show. A striking highlight are the pink outfits so they stand out from the crowd.

Celebs: Kristen Stewart, Jennie (Blackpink) & Co.


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Chanel history: Paris, designer & the little black dress

Classic feminine fashion and fine jewelry distinguish the brand. Coco Chanel is a designer name that everyone should know and so are her unique creations. Despite initial skeptical opinions, the brand is not deterred and so it is now one of the brands without which you could not imagine the fashion industry. Actress Kristen Stewart, Naomi Campbell or even Jennie Kim from the band Blackpink are current famous faces of the brand. Learn more about the history of Chanel.

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