Buying and selling in online shops: shoes, clothes, mobile phones & Co.

You have to move or just wanted to clean out your apartment, but do not throw your old things on the garbage. Sometimes shoes, clothes have become too small or you do not need your old camera because of a new acquisition, which actually still look mega good or work perfectly. No problem, the internet gives us many possibilities to turn used items into cash. But where do we start with the huge selection on the Internet – We at CM have compiled a small list of online shops for your used items, so that you have it easier.

Online Shops: Buy and sell second hand

Names like ebay classifieds, Kleiderkreisel are not foreign to you. But what other websites are there to sell your used items and can you put everything on each site? Some of the websites specialize in some points.


The website Quoka offers you all categories to sell or buy anything. From car tires to household appliances, Quoka offers a huge selection of products.

Recommendation for Quoka on Trustpilot: 263 reviews


You have a new camera and your old one should not catch dust or your baby is now a toddler and you do not need your still well-preserved stroller anymore. With used the sale specializes more on electronic devices such as cameras, smartphones, game consoles and Co.

Recommendation for used on Trusted Shops: 536 reviews


Kleiderkreisel – everyone knows what it’s about when they hear the name. You can find on Kleiderkreisel sometimes old treasures for a great price or items that are no longer sold in the shops and are put online by users.

Recommendation for Kleiderkreisel on Trustpilot: 696 reviews

Girls flea market

Girls flea market, a flea market for everything that inspires the heart of a girl. Here you can exchange your old treasures with other sellers or buyers.

Recommendation for Mädchen Flohmarkt on Trustpilot: 117 reviews

  • 2.5 / 5.0


Ubup – Your second Hand

Do you want to look fashionable and conscious, but don’t have the money for expensive brands? Ubup offers second hand clothes for women, men, girls and boys.

Recommendation for ubup on Trustpilot: 3.065 reviews

Rebelle – Sell and buy Luxury Brands

You’ve been dreaming of a Louis Vuitton bag or Christian Louboutin sneakers, but your wallet won’t give you more? Or you want to sell your Prada and Dior jacket on a serious site? Then we at CM would like to introduce you to Rebelle. Rebelle specializes in luxury brands and allows its customers to get luxury items quickly and cheaply.

Recommendation for Rebelle on Trustpilot: 2.716 reviews

Vestiare Collective

Vestiare Collective – makes it super easy to sell your old treasures and buy new treasures. Also Vestiaire Collective has specialized in the area of luxury brands and for the ladies and gentlemen is a whole wide range of designer items provided. So if you can’t find anything here, you haven’t really looked.

Recommendation for Vestiare Collective on Trustpilot: 35 reviews


Ebay Classifieds

Ebay Classifieds – the name is already very well known. You know the situation: You want to quickly get rid of your bed or need a new mobile phone. With ebay classifieds you can set a radius with your location and look up in this who is how far away. This way you save time and can act quickly.

Recommendation for ebay Kleinanzeigen on Trustpilot: 595 reviews