Break… don’t! Book release

Break time over!

Wo wart ihr denn? Guido hatte so lang alle Fäden in der Hand und sich sowohl um die Kids ( als auch um unsere Models gekümmert – Gracias! Stephan hat währenddessen sein neues Buch ‘Social Media Marketing – Inspiration für Modelabel’ veröffentlicht! Nachdem wir nun die Urlaubszeit hinter uns haben und viele eigene Projekte wie das Buch oder Modeshootings angegangen sind, konzentrieren wir uns ab Mitte des Monats wieder voll und ganz auf unsere Modelagentur. Wir haben viel vor und möchten die Modelagentur, beziehungsweise Modelkartei, auch noch in anderen Städten wie Berlin, Hamburg, München und Düsseldorf bringen.


Social Media Marketing Book

We are very proud to present the book that we have invested a lot of time and effort in. The book Social Media Marketing – Inspiration for Fashion Labels, is about showing fashion businesses and fashion online retailers a way to effectively use their social networks to increase their reach. We’ve brought together a lot of our own insights and insights from friends in the business to give businesses in the industry a little guide to running social media. You often don’t need your own social media manager to do this, all you need is your own motivation! The own motivation of the is the A&O, when it comes to push your own channel far up! Through interactive and multimedia content, you increase the likelihood of interaction with your fans. By cleverly linking different channels, they increase the reach to see. In our 90+ page book about social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram, you will find numerous tips and best practice examples from well-known German and international fashion companies like Topshop, Otto Group and Asos.

We have also added many great new features for you here on the website.

New friends, new features

What new features are available on our website? Among other things, you can find new fashion terms in our glossary for young models and career starters. Furthermore, we have a Top10 list of the currently hottest German fashion designers for you. And if you haven’t seen it yet, of course we are also on social media and participated in the #ALSicebucketchallagne. We are looking forward to the next days and weeks with new people, new model edcards and many interesting jobs. We are proud of our first models, our press work, our many contacts and the many great new people we have met in connection with our agency. Stay tuned, click back soon and follow us on Facebook & Co.

Apply now as a model

If you are looking for a new model list or want to become one of our model agency, click anytime on our application page and contact our model manager Oliver Wasko. You can reach us anytime via phone, email or Facebook. Send us your lookbook or sedcard with meaningful pictures, if possible also with Polaroid of you. The best thing about CM Models is that there is no minimum size or measurements.