After the catwalk – Radio Interview with our Model Booker

Heute morgen waren wir wieder einmal live zu hören im DRadio Wissen. CM Modelagent Stephan Czaja war zu Gast zur Frage: Was machen Models nach der Karriere? Bleibt man als Model in der Branche? Sucht man sich einen Job? Oder geht man studieren? Sowie bei Fußballern und Sportlern startet die Karriere eines Models schon in jungen Jahren. Deshalb müssen sich Models schon früh entscheiden, welchen Weg sie gehen. Je nachdem welche Entscheidung man für sich selber trifft, beeinflusst es die eigene Zukunft.

Many faces are known through advertising campaigns and at some point they are no longer seen. This does not always have to be because the career is not going well. Many have worked for years as a model, started early, they have seen a lot. But then to come to rest and do a relatively normal job is for many a real alternative to being a “mannequin”. Others want to continue their education and study. Then they decide to study after all. No matter if job or studies, it takes a lot of time if you want to become a doctor after your modeling career.

We are very happy about the interview on Deutschland Radio. You can listen to the whole interview here: After the catwalk – DRadio contribution.

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