Victoria Jancke models for Dior in Paris: Influencer & Model Victoria at CM

Paris – Influencer and model Victoria Jancke was booked by Dior for three days and flew from Berlin to Paris without further ado. The job came spontaneously, Victoria had just returned from the US and planned to stay a little longer in Berlin. She was all the more happy that she could come to Paris for three days to model for Dior. “The team was really super nice and working for Dior was a lot of fun,” Victoria tells us.

Victoria’s plan: more jobs are coming!

Since the end of last year Victoria Jancke is under exclusive contract with CM Models. Victoria tells us she wants to focus more on modeling this year and is in Europe over the summer – Perfect to pitch her to our clients! As an influencer with a reach of over 1 million followers on Instagram, she brings something to the table that most models don’t have. Likewise, with a height of 184cm, Victoria has another unique selling point that makes her special for our clients. We are looking forward to the collaboration and are excited to see what other opportunities will open up for Victoria this year!