Digital Avatars: Just a hype or… ?! Online Marketing Rockstars Interview with Stephan Czaja

Digital Avatars: Just a hype or… !? This interview was in the trends today at Online Marketing Rockstars! OMR is the leading online magazine for marketing and that’s why we are especially proud of it. Our owner talks about the current development in Virtual Reality. More specifically, digital avatars! With Zoe and Ella we were the first model agency in Europe, with VR models. Even the very first jobs, were always a little world premiere! Like the virtual fashion show for Marc Cain with Zoe, at the Berlin Fashion Week, at the beginning of the year. Then online campaigns “Bolder than ever” by Buffalo London with Ella. But how do you plan such virtual campaigns? How does virtual reality change media and marketing? Answers to these questions and much more, you will find in the interview, at Online Marketing Rockstars!

Interview: virtual reality, customers and campaign

In the interview on Online Marketing Rockstars there are insights into the development of Virtual Reality, Made in Europe.

Among other things, it addresses questions such as:

  • Why do virtual avatars work, who follows them?
  • How is the work for customers changing?
  • What advantages do digital avatars bring, but also disadvantages?
  • Will virtual avatars, models become established in the long run?

Of course, one can argue about virtual avatars, artificial humans. Does it even make sense to replace people with virtual humans? But that’s not the point at all! Virtual avatars “are more like series that we learn to love episode by episode”, or a well-made TikTok channel, it’s entertainment!

Because at the end of the day, it’s all storytelling, so it’s one big story.

Have you met Ella and Zoe?

This is Ella and below that is another snapshot of Zoe & Ella.

Online Marketing Rockstars: The Interview

Learn more about our digital avatars, first jobs, and the benefits such virtual collaboration has for clients in this interview now.

Customers can, for example, in an extremely short time, bring thousands of pieces of clothing in photos and videos, without a person had to travel on a plane, it also takes not weeks and months, but hours, days, with the right organization in advance. Customers can also create their own virtual avatars for their brand to create their own storytelling.

Read the whole interview here: