Interview: CM Models Head Booker Stephan Czaja

Letzte Woche war Agentur Head Booker Stephan Czaja im Interview für die Köln Nachrichten. Was unsere Modelagentur vor allem auszeichnet, ist der rasante Aufstieg als ernstzunehmende, seriöse Agentur in Deutschland und Europa. Wir haben gerne die Fragen beantwortet und auch ein paarEinblicke gegeben in das Leben eines jungen, engagierten Modelagenten geben können. Mit einer 70 Stunden Woche ist es oft schwierig Beruf und Privatleben zu verbinden, zumindest in den ersten Jahren – Einblicke findest du im Interview des Kölner Wirtschaftsmagazins. Stephan Czaja verrät hier auch viel über die Qualitätsmerkmale einer Modelagentur, aber auch über modernes, multidigitales Online Marketing hinter den Kulissen der Agentur.

The new interview of the Cologne News is about the success story of our model agency. Since the beginning of 2015, our model agency, CM Models Büro, has been causing a stir. With each new day, new opportunities for advertising, fashion shows and new product shoots arise, The Kölner Nachrichten have summarized our management activities once. Here we briefly discuss the various aspects of success that revolve around our online marketing activities. But also about pure entrepreneurship.

CM Models – Model agency for Cologne, Düsseldorf, whole NRW and Frankfurt am Main

As an independent entrepreneur, you don’t usually leave the office until an eight-hour day. Especially at the beginning of a business start-up, it is important to always be on site. This guarantee allows customers to distinguish reputable agencies from others. Therefore, as a model agency we always have the guarantee to be one of the best. Not only do we have excellent young models, who are at the beginning of their career, and are promoted by us. There are also various incentives for clients to change through extremely fast management and very accurate and precise, timely organization.

We thank the Kölner Nachrichten very much for this interview and are happy about the new article about CM Models.

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