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Today we were in a new interview, but this time it was not about fashion and advertising, but about how we made and built CM Models big. To be precise, it’s about what our recipe for success is.

Agency head Stephan M. Czaja on success factors for companies and start-ups

Besides the whole fashion world and fashion online magazine, our fashion agency CM Models is also an interesting example of young, innovative companies for many other media! For example for the startup platform Therefore, agency owner Stephan gives many valuable tips on marketing and success strategies for young entrepreneurs and startups on the way.

What brought us forward was above all the belief in ourselves, our idea of a strong brand, which we realize every day in the Cologne Mediapark: Shootings, management and of course perfect search engine optimization. Especially the placement at Google, Yahoo, Bing & Co. is nowadays an extremely important point for companies to diversify compared to other agencies. If you manage to place your company high up, you will quickly gain new customers and projects.

Thrilling. Exciting. That’s why we sat down with the editorial team this time and talked about what makes companies successful!

Want to work behind the scenes at a model agency as a booker or agent? These are our job offers for the career entry:

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