Yeah! 2000 likes on Instagram for our model agency

2000 likes, thanks to all of you for the great support

Nachdem wir in diesem Monat schon die 4000 Likes auf Facebook geknackt haben läuft es langsam auch richtig gut auf Instagram – 2000 Likes! Dank der Hilfe vieler Fans aus Berlin, Hamburg und München ist eine weitere Marke geknackt. Dankeschön!

In January we started the agency journey, with our new model agency on the way up, if things go well. So we’re super proud that our idea is really catching on the way we hoped it would for CM Models. Today we are already working with great clients, shooting music videos and commercials, providing models for fashion companies, for new marketing channels like Instagram promotion and classic catalogues. You can even find a Cocaine model or two in shopping malls! Now we’ve cracked a new little mark on Instagram too, showing us that things can keep going up if we put our minds to it.

Newcomers, New Faces and new talents in the model business

We put a lot of emphasis on live castings – of young up-and-coming talents and models in our agency offices. In addition, we also put a lot of work, time and commitment into our constant model coaching sessions. Here the newcomers learn what it means to walk a fashion show, that means catwalk, but also posing for commercial (advertising) and editorial (magazine). We would like to thank not only our models, but also shout 2000x thank you into the world for the super feedback from you!

More information about the model agency

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