Veneers in trend: Straight teeth, perfect appearance – Interview with Dr. Tuna & Dr. Baysal

Perfect teeth are an absolute must in many professions. The face is our recognition feature. Straight teeth and a beautiful laugh sell better, especially for people in public life. There are many factors that influence the smile and the harmony of the teeth: Whether it’s tooth discoloration, minor misalignments, or small gaps between teeth. We wanted to learn more about the most modern method for straight and perfect teeth: veneers. In search of the right contact person, we met the two doctors Dr. Arzu Tuna and Dr. Umut Baysal, who told us about their agency and their experiences with veneers.

Quality. Technology. Experience. You make teeth perfect with veneers


You decided to open a new practice together in 2015, what did you look for most in your practice equipment?

Dr. Tuna: First and foremost, the feeling of a typical dental practice should not arise. We have created an ambience in which the patient immediately feels comfortable. The fact that we only have one treatment chair and that only one patient is treated gives a feeling of calm and relaxation. Which plays an important role, especially during dental procedures.

Dr. Baysal: Of course, functionality and hygiene requirements were also taken into consideration. The practice concept meets the requirements of modern aesthetic dentistry.


How do you feel about the effect of whitening toothpastes?

Dr. Baysal: I think the results are not really satisfactory. It makes more sense to whiten at the dentist – under supervision – with a proven product.

Dr. Tuna: In addition, some whitening toothpastes are very abrasive and therefore not recommended.

Dr. Baysal: Yes, that’s right! The enamel is only 1.5mm thick and does not grow back…

Bleaching. The professional teeth cleaning

Does bleaching damage the tooth substance? For whom is it recommended?

Dr. Tuna: If it is done conscientiously it does no harm! It should be excluded beforehand that there are holes. Crowns and bridges cannot be bleached and the patients should be adults in my opinion.

Why is regular professional dental cleaning advised? Is cleaning at home not sufficient?

Dr. Baysal: Even with optimal oral care of the patients, tartar develops in some hard-to-reach places. This can only be removed by professional teeth cleaning. We also attach great importance to gentle tooth cleaning. Powder blasting is only used in very stubborn cases. Aggressive procedures in professional tooth cleaning can also damage the tooth structure. And this cannot be the case!

Do you think that having perfect teeth is an advantage for different professions?

Dr. Tuna: In many professions, great importance is attached to a good and well-groomed appearance. Teeth are naturally part of this. However, perfect teeth do not only play an important role in the fashion and entertainment industry. The longing for beauty is increasing more and more. The special thing about teeth is that they reflect social status. Bad teeth are afflicted with the reputation of neglect and questionable lifestyle.

Dr .Baysal: There is no second chance for the first impression.

What are you focusing on in your new practice and why?

Dr. Baysal: We definitely focus on aesthetic dentistry. Nevertheless, the medical rehabilitation or the health aspects come first. Aesthetics is the inevitable result of our treatment concept.

Dr. Tuna: We help the patient at the highest level. In addition to the provision of veneers, all pre-treatments such as orthodontics, gum management, implantology and gum treatment are also included.


Veneers from the expert – For models, presenters, actors

What are veneers?

Dr. Tuna: Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells that are bonded to the teeth. These modern ceramics have the same light-optical properties as natural teeth. Also, the temperature conductivity is the same as the tooth. Therefore, the teeth are not more sensitive to temperature.

Dr. Baysal: Typically, the eight front teeth are treated with veneers during a smile makeover. This way, slight misalignments and unsightly surfaces can be corrected. The results are fabulous.

For whom are veneers worthwhile?

Dr. Baysal: There is no special group. As long as you are happy with your teeth and feel happy, there is no need for action. However, patients who come to us are very unhappy with some aspects about their teeth. Patients with misaligned teeth, undersized teeth, misaligned canines, edges and defects on the teeth, unsightly tooth surfaces, discoloration, stains, too much visible gum, aged teeth, sunken lips, wrinkles around the mouth.

Dr. Tuna: The list is really very long!


What are the costs for the treatment of a veneer?

Dr. Baysal: Perfectly designed and durable veneers require very specialized knowledge from the dentist and dental technician. It is very easy to make a lot of mistakes and cause damage to healthy teeth. Our veneers start at 1.050 € and can cost up to 2.000 € per tooth. This depends on the respective laboratory costs. These prices are valid for people with statutory health insurance. Private health insurances cover the costs depending on the tariff. You have to imagine that your laughter has a direct influence on your attractiveness and your perceived character. And that for many years!

Dr. Tuna: It has been our experience that after the treatment is completed, none of our patients talk about the price anymore.

Veneers from the expert – Smile Design for beautiful laughter

What is the process like from the consultation to the placement of the veneers?

Dr. Tuna: In the first session we get to know the patient and look at the situation of the teeth and the chewing organ. Later, photos and, if necessary, X-rays are taken so that an initial aesthetic analysis can be made.

Dr. Baysal: Based on other patient cases, we show possible restorations and define a goal together. Often the first impressions are already taken for the dental technician. In the next session, the visualization of the finished teeth made of acrylic takes place. This is a very important session, as the patient already gets a very precise idea of the finished teeth. Photos/videos are taken again for speech and aesthetic analyses. These are viewed together with the patient on the screen and we talk through each treatment step in detail. The cost explanation follows and the patient is allowed to think things over in peace. Perhaps discuss it with friends or family. The pictures from the second session are also suitable for this. In the third session we start with the treatment. In the following session the veneers are bonded. That’s it.

How much time elapses between consultation and finished result?

Dr. Baysal: In simple cases and with 8 veneers we need 3-4 weeks.

Dr. Tuna: But we also have patients from abroad who only come to Germany for a week. We also offer solutions for these patients.


Flight, Hotel, Arrival – All Services in One

Do you take over any organisation for the patient for the time of the treatment as well as the booking of a hotel for patients who have a long journey?

Dr. Baysal: We have a cooperation with a first-class hotel and, if desired, we can also arrange the transfer between the airport, the hotel and the practice.

How long do veneers last? Do they need to be replaced after some time?

Dr. Tuna: When used correctly, veneers last over 15 years.

Are there any health risks associated with the use of veneers?

Dr. Tuna: Health risks, such as allergies, are not known.

Do veneers require special care by the patient or regular check-ups after placement?

Dr. Baysal: A regular check-up at the dentist and a professional tooth cleaning prolong the durability. Toothbrush and dental floss are perfectly adequate.

What are the future plans for you and your practice?

Dr. Tuna: We are looking forward to developing the new practice with this unique concept. A practice that specializes only in veneers. Similar concepts already exist in the USA and we hope that this will also establish itself in Germany.

Dr. Baysal: I hope that more dentists will join this concept in the future.

Thank you very much for the interview to both of you. That was Dr. Arzu Tuna and Dr. Umut Baysal from MyVeneers.

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