Unusal: Top 3 Foodtrends from New York City!

New York City surprises us every day, not only in fashion, people or stories also with their extraordinary food styles and restaurants. We checked out New York for you and found 3 spots you will find nowhere else and definitely have to visit while walking around in the big apple.

Food! The best restaurants, no matter if vegan or best beef

New York has so many restaurants and places to have a little sweet or savory snack. We looked for the most interesting and unusual restaurants and snack places in New York which will let you experience an unforgettable foodporn moment.

The DŌ let your sweet and childhood dreams come true! Everybody remembers the moment in the kitchen, you are baking with your parents, want to try the delicious cookie or cake dough and then your mother says: No, you will get stomach from it! DŌ is the solution for all of us, who still love the raw cookie dough. At this place, you can order raw cookie dough – They offer the dough in many different ways: ready-to-eat state, mix it into ice cream, throw it in the oven to half or fully bake it. Yummmy!


Trapizzino is for all the Pizza and Sandwich fans. Trapizzinos offers you overstuffed triangles of pizza Bianca. The pizza pockets have a delicious crisp from the outside and a soft inner side, stuffed with delicious cheese or everything you want on your pizza. Enjoy the slightly different pizza at the table, with some original Italian wine or beer.

Allora Ristorante

Everybody knows the classic Italian spaghetti and meatballs. In the Allora Ristorante in Midtown Manhattan’s, you can order a 24- to 30-foot single strand, which is enough for four people. It is actually so big, that the restaurant only makes around six of them a day. They prepare it in a meat sauce with slow-cooked pork and beef after that they serve it on a giant cutting board with meatballs and finished with shredded Parmigiano and pepperoncini. They also serve delicious burgers, avocado bread and more. Delicious!