Top Videos from Versace – Sophisticated Prêt-à-porter, Accessories & Fragrance Combinations

Milan. Paris. Tokyo. Los Angeles. There is hardly a place where the Italian luxury label Versace is not celebrated. With unique creations, innovative must-haves and creative campaigns, the label regularly makes the hearts of all high fashion lovers beat faster. The advertising campaigns are also always cleverly thought out and enjoy great popularity. Sometimes it’s playful and fun-loving, sometimes more emotional and avant-garde. Check out Versace’s best clips here.

Fashion visionary Gianni Versace & his progressive collections

Gianni Versace’s first collections met with mixed reactions. His daring and open-hearted dresses were described on the one hand as vulgar and obscene, and at the same time as progressive and innovative. Also typical of Versace’s fashion were garish colors, figure-hugging cuts, and opulent embellishments. Especially the art of Roy Lichtenstein and the antiquity of Greece were considered the most important sources of inspiration for Gianni Versace. He was also able to establish himself as a sought-after costume designer and thus set himself apart with his imaginative collections. He was the first designer to bring jeans to the catwalk and was considered one of the most gifted fashion designers of his time until his death.

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Exciting prêt-à-porter & extravagant haute couture

Just as breathtaking as the highly anticipated runway shows of the fashion house, are also the campaigns and commercials. The industry’s most popular mannequins are regularly in front of the camera. The storylines of the videos are exciting with unexpected plot twists and unusual camera angles. See for yourself here.

Stylish house party with supermodel Georgina Grenville

The brand’s former advertising face Georgina Grenville returned to the set for the 2020 campaign. Here she now plays a matriarch who accompanies her daughters to a house party while the men are away. Check out the video here.

Moralistic commercial in the name of equality

For the first time Donatella Versace presents the women’s and men’s collection on the same runway. While she focuses on structural shapes and classic cuts for the women’s fall looks, the men’s collection is mainly characterized by broad shoulders, sporty covers and lots of nylon. Also seen in the video: the new Versace Virtus handbags.

Playful looks with a touch of retro

It’s going to be colorful in this campaign Versaces. The whole thing was shot under the direction of Ferdinando Verderi. The colorful outfits stand out clearly against the white background. Of course, Versace’s favorite models are present: Gigi Hadid, Kaia Kerber and Bella Hadid. Watch the whole clip here.

Creative campaign starring Bella Hadid

Watch an outrageously good looking and apparently tired from all the shopping Bella Hadid does. The clip is short, but incredibly impressive due to the camera work and an unexpected twist at the end. The 2019 collection particularly featured club-worthy body shapes, delicate chainmail and youthful sneakers.

Sensual fragrances, innovative handbags & watches

Who thinks Versace only brings out dress collections, is wrong. For years there have been breathtaking gowns and exqusite ready-to-wear collections as well as romantic fragrances, royal watches and innovative must-haves. Check out the brand’s most creative commercials here.

Seductive fragrance with a charismatic note

One of the most famous fragrances of the brand is Versace Eros Flame. This men’s fragrance has been available since 2018 and was designed by perfumer Olivier Pescheux. The fragrance is spicy-woody – perfect for the confident man of the modern age. The ingredients are classy: chinotto, rose geranium, sandalwood and pepperwood. Check out the full video here.

Exclusive insight into the Atelier Versace

Atelier Versace Fragrances is the first perfume collection of the Italian luxury brand. Here, the focus is on excellence, exceptional quality and innovative techniques. Cédrat de Diamante, Éclat de Rose and Jasmin au Soleil use a sweet and light base, while more intense fragrances such as Figue Blanche, Santal Boisé and Vanille Rouge have more austere notes.

Luxurious handbags with a touch of grunge

The campaign for the fall 2019 collection is grungy and rebellious. The fur coat makes a statement that is perfectly complemented by the luxurious Virtus handbag. The design of the bag is just typical Versace with shiny v-pattern jacquard fabric and emblematic topstitching. Accents here are acanthus leaves.

Minimalist watches for him and her

Versace’s latest designs are minimalist, modern and exquisite. The Italian luxury label found inspiration here in metaphysics. The colour combinations of the watches are unexpected and the design innovative. Watch the clip with supermodel Stella Maxwell here.

The creations of Versace & the honest designer in an interview

The Italian fashion house has a long history and an even longer list of fashion successes. Even the internet and the Google search engine have been revolutionized by the luxury brand. But what actually happens in the atelier? Who exactly is Donatella Versace? Find out here and more.

Origin of the Versace dress

Finest handwork. Precision and fiery passion. All this is in the creations and designs of the Italian fashion house. This video takes you into Versace’s studio, where the innovative designs of Donatella Versace are realized. The whole thing was shot by Fashion To Max.

Donatella Versace about her life as a designer

Who is Donatella Versace’s muse? What does the fashion designer do in her spare time? What about her sewing skills? And what do she think are the worst fashion sins? She answers these questions in the popular Vogue format ’73 Questions with…’.