Brioni Videos: Behind the Scenes, Italian Fashion + 15 Facts about Brioni

Brioni – An Italian luxury label known for its handmade men’s suits. Time and time again, Brioni lives up to its legendary reputation and is the undisputed place for true legends in fashion. At a whopping 40,000 euros for an Italian suit, Brioni sells the most expensive suits in the world. All about the Brioni brand.

Brioni: Italian menswear

Men dressed in Brioni are among the best dressed men in the world. Even Bond, James Bond wears the Italian suits in six films.

What is behind the fire?

A workshop in Italy reveals what to expect from the brand.

Brioni’s art: the tailoring

But what makes Brioni so special? The high art of tailoring. It is a tradition that combines craftsmanship and aesthetics for generations.

15 facts about Brioni

You think you already know everything about Brioni? Here are 15 things you surely didn’t know yet.

Brionis personalized tailoring service

Brioni Bespoke is Brioni’s personalized tailoring service. This creates unique pieces just for Him.

7 decades of Brioni

Brioni’s 70th birthday was duly celebrated on the catwalk.

Men’s fashion autumn and winter in Milan

At the 70th birthday was presented men’s fashion for fall and winter 2015/2016 in Milan. At the celebration were also familiar faces like James Marsden, Jack Huston, Max Irons as well as Francesco Vezzoli.

Brad Pitt: The face of the brand

Brad Pitt, who is not only known for regularly showing off his Italian suits at events, has been Brioni’s testimonial since 2020.

Italian suits up close

The flagship stores also reflect Brioni’s art of tailoring: craftsmanship and aesthetics. Check out a Brioni flagship store in Paris here!

Brioni: The brand

Like Thom Browne and Ermenegildo Zegna, Brioni is also one of the highest quality brands when it comes to designer suits. Founded in Rome in 1945 by the visionary duo Nazareno Fonticoli, a master tailor, and his business partner Gaetano Savini, Brioni is considered the most prestigious luxury menswear house in the world. In the world of business luxury fashion, Brioni garments are the non-plus-ultra. Also many stars like musicians and actors wear the suits of Brioni. In the following article you will learn more about the history of the Brioni house. If you want to get to know more luxury brands, check out our brand guide.