Top 7 Clubs & Bars In New York City

New York – the City which sleeps never. If you are in New York for a modelling agency job, you really have to check out some of the hot spots. Following you will find the best clubs and bars in NYC where you can relax after a long workday or meet some stars. Here you can find more about New York.

The best clubs in New York City

Maybe you heard something befor about the following Clubs. If you dind’t you really have to spend some time there maybe after a long workday or at the weekend to have some fun. They are all a visit worth especially because there is always a chance to meet someone popular in the nightlife of NYC!

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Jane Hotel in NYC Manhatten

113 Jane St
NY 10014

There’s dance parties in Manhattan. And then there’s the Sunday night dance party in The Ballroom of the Jane Hotel. From high-fashion models dancing on tables to tech superstars throwing back vodka martinis, The Jane Hotel caters to a youthful crowd looking for a good time. Keep in mind that you’re in New York, so even on Sundays, the party starts late. Don’t arrive too early.

Marquee – Directly at 10th Avenue

289 10th Avenue
NY 10001

With outposts in Sydney and Vegas, Marquee NYC is essentially one huge room and a balconied VIP area that pulls international electronic DJs on a weekly basis. After paying the cover, you’ll join forces with a mix of sweaty New Yorkers and curious out-of-towners. Marquee also does production better than anyone else, and their dedication to all things ‘nightlife’ is astounding. Break away from the dance floor to take in the dancers, the costumes and the clientele.

Provocateur: Models, financial powerhouses and actors

Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, 18 9th Ave
NY 10014

With prime positioning in the club-concentrated Meatpacking District, Provoc, as it’s lovely called by regulars, is where to go when you want to see and be seen. Packed to the rafters with models, financial powerhouses, actors and trust fund babies, the room is split into two: Provocateur Café and Provocateur Nightclub. For ear-splitting beats and prime dancing, stay on the Nightclub side but venture to the Café when you’re ready for late-night people-watching. And if you think you’ll get past the door rocking a beanie and sneakers, think again. Dress to the nines or to get booted to the back of the line.

Le Bainat the Standart – Sexiest views in NYC

54 Irving Place
NYC 10003

With arguably the chicest bathrooms and sexiest views in NYC, Le Bain is notoriously one of the hardest doors in the city. Perhaps that’s because this lively club is connected to The Boom Boom Room, one of Manhattan’s exclusive celebrity watering holes, or maybe it’s the hot tubs built directly into the dance floor. Either way, dress to impress and try not to take it to heart if you’re turned away once (or more) before gaining entry. If you happen to arrive early, you’ll have better luck, but beware that the club stays fairly empty until the clock strikes midnight.

Best bars in New York City for Models

Maybe you heard something befor about the following Bars. If you dind’t you really have to spend some time there maybe after a long workday or at the weekend to have some fun. They are all a visit worth especially because there is always a chance to meet someone popular in the nightlife of NYC!

Mulberry Project – Mr Frank Sinatra was here!

149 Mulberry St
NY 10013

Walking into The Mulberry Project, you can almost picture Frank Sinatra schmoozing with a beautiful lady in the corner booth. Hidden in plain view, this bespoke cocktail joint is easy to miss – keep an eye out for the unmarked red door and don’t forget to bring your GPS as backup. The narrow space is one of the sexiest in the area, and has become a stomping ground of sorts for chic partygoers. Not sure what to order? Give the bartender a hint on what you’re into and watch as he (or she) whips up a concoction that any member of the Rat Pack would be delighted to drink.

The Wren for private parties and more

344 Bowery
NY 10012

The Wren is where you envision yourself drinking when you finally “grow up.” Reminiscent of a country cottage, the Wren turns out drinks that are delicious, inventive, and yes, pricy. Unless you’re a finance “mogul” or PR “maven,” this certainly isn’t somewhere your wallet can comfortably afford 5 nights a week, but it’s more than worth the occasional bi-weekly visit. When deciding what to order, don’t miss the Wren-quila, a margarita spiced up with house-made habanero-infused tequila, or a keep it simple with a classic like the old-fashioned. The Wren also dishes out really delectable seasonally sourced food from their kitchen, and bonus: the basement is available to rent out for private parties.

Do you know D.B.A? 1st Avenue!

41 1st Avenue
NY 10003

Not everyone loves d.b.a., but that shouldn’t stop you from going. The bartenders are grouchy, the menu is inconsistent, and the weekends are impossibly crowded. That said, there’s something about this East Village gem that keeps regulars coming back in droves. Perhaps it’s the extensive beer menu, the rare whiskey/scotch list or the lovely outdoor patio that draws the crowds? Or maybe it’s the tabletop Ms. Pacman game inconspicuously gracing the floor? Whatever the case, d.b.a. holds a certain level of charm that’s tough to find anywhere else in the ‘hood. Try your tastebuds out on something you haven’t heard of before – chances are it’s relatively cheap and you may discover a new favorite.