Best 6 Clubs & Bars in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – the city of movies and celebritys. If you are in Los Angeles for a modelling agency job, you really have to check out some of the hot spots. Following you will find the best clubs and bars in LA where you can relax after a long workday or meet some stars.

The best clubs in LA for upcoming models

Maybe you heard something befor about the following Clubs. If you dind’t you really have to spend some time there maybe after a long workday or at the weekend to have some fun. They are all a visit worth especially because there is always a chance to meet someone popular in the nightlife of LA!

Avalon Hollywood: The big daddy

1735 Vine St
CA 90028

This is it – the big daddy. Set in Hollywood proper directly across the street from the iconic Capitol Records building on Vine, Avalon Hollywood (formerly known as The Palace) offers a big night out experience. A converted theater with an EAW sound system, Avalon hosts Tigerheat on Thursday for the gay/mixed crowd, Control on Friday for alternative electronic dance acts, and their own Avalon night on Saturday for world-famous DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Kevin Saunderson. A little planning goes a long way – for big nights, buying presale tickets is highly recommended.

Exchange LA – Four floors and 25,000 square feet

618 S Spring St
CA 90014

Downtown Los Angeles has been a clubbing destination for years, with the high-rise city center giving way to industrial complexes and warehouses ripe for creative promoters to set up shop. The club scene has grown significantly, competing with Hollywood for L.A.’s nightlife attention. Named for the building’s historic housing of the Los Angeles stock exchange, Exchange LA on Spring Street is a beautiful Art Deco edifice that’s been retrofitted for the modern club experience. In addition to house and techno DJs, Exchange is also one of the few big clubs at which you can still see trance DJs. With four floors and 25,000 square feet, you have plenty of space to enjoy sets from artists such as Maya Jane Coles, Simon Patterson and Giuseppe Ottaviani.

The Belasco Theater: After model castings electronic music

1050 Hill St
CA 90015

The Belasco Theater on Hill Street in Downtown L.A. is a multi-purpose event complex, perfect for large-scale electronic music events when booked. Multiple levels, state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology easily put it on par with the other large Downtown venues.

Bars you have to know in Los Angeles

Maybe you heard something befor about the following Bars. If you dind’t you really have to spend some time there maybe after a long workday or at the weekend to have some fun. They are all a visit worth especially because there is always a chance to meet someone popular in the nightlife of LA!

Black Market Liquor Bar

11915 Ventura Blvd
CA 91604

It takes some bold entrepreneurs to start trends, and the group that opened Black Market certainly fall in that category: This now-stalwart gastropub busted the East Valley market wide open, with tons of imitators (ahem, LAUREL TAVERN) opening up on Ventura to capitalize on a just-discovered demo: millennials with a bit of spending cash, thanks to, you know, not living in a cool neighborhood. Now, of course, there are a slew of great bars and restaurants in that part of town, but BM was one of the first — and remains one of the best.

Frolic Room: Business and cocktail bar

6245 Hollywood Blvd
CA 90028

A few years ago, The Powerhouse reimagined itself as a cocktail bar — and while that may or may not have been a good business move for that Hollywood stalwart, it was definitely a shining moment for The Frolic Room, which now stands alone in the pantheon of great Hollywood dive bars.

The Frolic Room is located on Hollywood Blvd, near Vine in Hollywood, next door to the fabulous Art Deco Pantages Theater. It was built with the theater in 1930, during Prohibition, and is rumored to have functioned as a speakeasy for the vaudeville acts and patrons of Pantages. When Prohibition was repealed, the Frolic Room became a licensed bar in 1934. Though a tiny cubbyhole, the decor is still original, with incredible multi-colored light fixtures resembling flying saucers and original caricature wallpaper of 1930s stars drawn by Al Hirshfield. During Hollywood’s decline of the 1970s-1990s the Frolic was a true dive bar, supposedly frequented by Bukowski and other daytime drinkers. Today the area has been mostly gentrified and homogenized, but the amazing Frolic Room and Pantages are as beautiful and original as ever. #nikkisvintagelasigns

Ein von Nikki Kreuzer ? (@lunabeat) gepostetes Foto am

No Name – Models and famous people like Taylor Swift

432 N Fairfax Ave
CA 90036

Everything about No Name should be hateable, from the fedora on the doorman to the you-need-to-know-someone-to-get-in-or-do-you door policy to their no-cameras rule to, uh, the fact that the bar DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A NAME. But here’s the thing: Once you’re inside, it’s one of the most easygoing, comfortable bars in LA, with surprising performances and amazing fried chicken, as well as the friendliest staff in LA.