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Zalando: brand, online store & fashion for men and women

Zalando – The label connects young talents from around 140 nations. With a lot of passion and a keen sense of business, the brand has created Europe’s leading online platform for fashion in just a few years from what began as an online store for shoes in Berlin in 2008. In this article you will […]

Marc Jacobs videos: Fashion show, Daisy perfume and interview

Marc Jacobs – The luxury brand Marc Jacobs creates exclusive and extraordinary fashion for men and women, alongside well-known fashion brands such as Tom Ford and Luis Vuitton, and has been doing so for many years. Check out the summer and winter collections of Marc Jacobs presented at Fashion Week in New York and learn […]

Marc Jacobs: Daisy, Fashion, Watch and Bag

Marc Jacobs – Among other things, for his perfumes and handbags, the American designer made his breakthrough in the fashion world. In this article you will learn everything important about the fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Among other things, how he discovered his passion for fashion, his best collections, most incredible fashion shows and the most […]

Tom Ford: Perfume, Suit, Sunglasses, James Bond & Co.

Tom Ford – Everyone knows him and everyone loves him. The Texas-born fashion designer is known, among other things, for his men’s suits, shoes, clothes, accessories and perfumes. Since the nineties, he is one of the dominant designers worldwide. The award-winning designer is still shaping Gucci today. During his time as Gucci designer and creative […]

Beauty Tools: Gua Sha, Derma Roller, Dyson Airwap and more

Beauty Tools – Whether you’re looking to up your hair or leg care game, or refresh your skincare routine. In addition to our daily grooming essentials, the right beauty tools also play an important role in achieving the best possible results. Whether it’s a cleansing brush, massage roller, or the right blow dryer, they all […]

Hugo Boss Beauty: Perfume, Bottled, Success & Chris Hemsworth

Hugo Boss Beauty – The products of the German fashion designer Hugo Boss are popular with everyone – woman or man. He not only makes elegant fashion but also jewellery, bags and fragrances. Be it the common man, influencers, supermodels or celebrities, everyone knows it and loves it. Especially the perfumes and watches for men […]

Body care: routine, tips & attractive appearance

Body Care – We all know that the skin on our body needs just as much attention as the skin on our face! Washing or showering regularly is part of life, we learn that at an early age. Also, body care for men is also directly related to health. If you don’t cleanse your skin […]

6 Beauty Trends from Paris Fashion Week, Burberry Livestream and Bella Hadid’s Favourite Jeans.

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have a favorite pair of jeans in common? This week, Grazia reports on the stars’ favorite fall jeans. Elle is all about the new shopper trends for fall 2021. Plus, have you heard about the latest sneaker trend kicked off by the new Netflix series “Squid Game”? GQ tells you […]

Miami Fashion Week: Summer 2021 – The best shows & designers

Fashion Week Miami: Summer Fashion – With bikini season all year round, Fashion Week here is as hot as it can get. The event is held every year in early June with some of the best collections from international designers. Ice Palace Film Studios hosts the runway shows. This season, the shows welcome more than […]

Nadia from Hamburg: Now at CM – Unique Look!

Nadia – Now new at CM, from Hamburg! The Look Unique, the Attitude unbeatable, we are very happy that Nadia is now with us in the CM Main Board and we look forward even more, to the time together with her! Here are a few impressions from Hamburg. You can find more from her at […]

Hermès Beauty: Lipsticks, Perfumes & Kelly Bag

Hermès Beauty – The beauty line is just as successful on the road as the must-have designer piece: the Kelly Bag. A lipstick line with 24 different shades. The lipsticks range from intense to eye-catching colors like orange and dark red, but of course you’ll also find classic shades like rose or beige. You can […]

Lancôme Beauty: La vie est belle, Toner & Zendaya

Lancôme offers more than care, fragrance and cosmetics – the French beauty brand stands for beauty with a French touch. For over 80 years, Lancôme has been the world’s leading luxury cosmetics brand, the epitome of beauty and glamour Lancôme’s mission: to make everyone not only more beautiful, but also happier and to help them […]

Armani Beauty: Luminous Silk Foundation, Barbara Palvin & Armani Sí

Armani Beauty – Armani Beauty stands for high quality cosmetics and skin care. The brand has something for every beauty lover, because the product range includes perfume, skin care and make-up. In this article, we will introduce you to Armani Beauty as a brand and their most popular products like the brand’s extremely opaque ” […]

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty: Kaia Gerber, Concealer & Libre Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty – Are you looking for luxury make-up? Convince yourself and try out the high-end makeup line by Yves Saint Laur ent. Yves Saint Laurent is known for high fashion and has also made a name for itself with its beauty line. We present you the must-have products of the makeup line, […]

Chanel Beauty: Make-Up, Coco Noir & Rouge Coco Lipstick

Chanel Beauty – Elegance and self-confidence, classic and modern elements determined the collections of Coco Chanel. The beauty products of the label, which convince with their unique combination of elegant design and highly effective ingredients, also stand under this sign. Pitch black and transparent glass define the look that has been unmistakably synonymous with the […]

Waxing & Sugaring: Routine, DIY & tips for at home

Waxing & Sugaring – Smooth, soft legs are super important for models, because beautiful legs are also part of a well-groomed appearance. In this article we introduce you to two great hair removal methods: Waxing & Sugaring. Both methods are super suitable to make your legs look smooth and well-groomed. Waxing suits you better if […]

Epilate Legs: Routine, DIY Peels & Tips

Epilating legs – Are you tired of shaving your legs all the time? Then we have the perfect hair removal method for you: epilation. When you epilate your leg hair, you not only remove the hair, but also the entire hair root. This has the advantage that you have smooth legs for up to four […]

Shaving Legs: Routine, Hacks & Shaving Foam

Shaving Legs – Would you like smooth, clean-shaven legs for the summer or are you a model and need perfectly shaved legs for your next shoot? In this article you will learn how to shave your legs properly, which products you should use before and after shaving and how to avoid skin irritations. We’ll also […]

Essential Facial Care Products: Creams, Moisture & Tips

Essential Face Products – Are you new to the face care world and want to start taking care of your face professionally? In this article you will learn which products you absolutely need to bring your skin to glow and what you should look for when choosing the right facial care. Because there’s an incredibly […]

Lip Care: Lip Care Routine, Lip Balms & Tips

Lip Care – A well-groomed appearance is extremely important for models and that includes well-groomed lips. How you can optimally care for your lips, what an ideal lip care routine looks like and which lip balms you should best use, you will learn in this article. Read more about skin care here. Back to Facial […]

Eyebrows: Styling, Lifting & Castor Oil

Eyebrows – Eyebrows frame your face, so it’s super important that your eyebrows look beautiful. Especially as a model, it’s essential to have perfect eyebrows because they complete your look. Learn how to shape your eyebrows and how to style them in this article. You’ll also find tips on how to visually lift your eyebrows. […]

Eyelashes: care products, tips & eyelash serum

Eyelashes – You are a model and want to convince at your next casting with your beautiful eyelashes? In this article you will find the best tips on how to get long and well-groomed eyelashes. You’ll also find instructions on how to make your own eyelash serum and tricks on how to make your lashes […]

Facial Yoga & Facial Massage: Tips, Lifting & Romee Strijd

Facial yoga and facial massage – The absolute trend in beauty right now. With this you can shape your face and emphasize your facial contours more. A beautifully shaped face with strong contours is of course super important for models, so in this article we give you tips on the topic of facial yoga with […]

Face masks in 5 min: DIYs, tips & healing clay

Face masks in 5 minutes – You want radiant, clear skin like a model, but do not have much time and do not want to invest money in expensive face masks? Then we have the perfect solution for you in this article: Simple face masks that you can make yourself at home in 5 minutes […]

Facial Routine: Tips, Madelaine Petsch & Rihanna

Facial care routine – A radiant, clear skin is not only super important for models, so we have compiled the best tips for a perfect facial care routine for you in this article. You should use different products in the morning and in the evening, like facial cleanser, facial masks and co., because the needs […]

Facial shaving: routine, preparation & important tips

Shave your face – For your makeup to look gorgeous, it’s super important that your foundation sits perfectly on your skin. When your face is clean-shaven, your foundation will look so much smoother and more natural because it will absorb better into your skin. If you want to know how to get clean-shaven, smooth skin […]

Facial Cleanser: Facial Cleanser, Care & Skin Types

Facial cleanser – The way to a clear and radiant skin is to find the right skin care. The basis for a good facial care routine is a suitable facial cleanser, because it is the first and most important step for a clear skin. Before you pamper your face with rich creams and masks, you […]

Grooming products: Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, Gucci, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and more.

Beauty products – Looking for inspiration for your new makeup or perfume purchase? Whether it’s cosmetics, foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara or lipstick, we’ll introduce you to the best beauty products on the market. Did you know that Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent sell skincare products? Skincare products, makeup and more beauty […]

Skin care: tips, nutrition, blemishes, body shaving, self-tanner & skin type

Skin Care – There are a few things you should know about general skin care if you want to have healthy, soft and long lasting young skin. General tips on skin care, hair removal and the right self-tanner application can be found here. But also with tricks against skin impurities, which will be a quick […]

Foot care: creams, pedicure, tips, products, home remedies & massage

Foot care – Baby soft feet need a lot of care. How you can quickly and with as little care as possible help your feet to regular beauty, we show you here. We also give you tips on foot care in general, pedicure and foot massage as well as recommendations on foot products and natural […]

Tummy Care: Tips, Products, Slim Waist & Workout

Tummy care – You want to feel good in your belly? Here you will find helpful tips on the topics of a small waist, abdominal workouts for a beautiful belly, Pamela Reif and Six Pack. Slim Waist: Workout, Pamela Reif & Flat Belly We say no to shapewear and waist shapers! Get your slim waist […]

Leg care: tips, shaving, epilating, waxing, lasering & strawberry legs

Leg Care – Summer is finally back or you have a special evening ahead of you and want to finally show off your legs today? You try on your dress or fancy outfit in a skirt and realize your legs are in desperate need of a grooming session. But stop, don’t let that stop you! […]

Nail care: tips, nails, mistakes, designs, foils & routine

Nail care – You have once again extremely stressed your hands over the everyday life, your nails are broken, torn, the nail polish has once again gone off in places, then your nails need urgently once again a minute of care. Nail care for long, short, natural or extravagant nails, as well as general nail […]

Hand Care: Home Remedies, Products, Rough Hands, Tips & Routine

Hand care – Most people pay little attention to hand care. But why? After all, we use our hands all the time and all day long. You haven’t incorporated a hand care routine into your daily routine yet, suffer from rough hands, need tips for the right hand care at home, on the go or […]

Facial Care: Routine, Facial Shave, Cleansing, Masks, Eyelashes & Lips

Facial care – A well-groomed face gets you as a model by the first and most important impression your job. So it is extremely important for you to know how to take care of your face properly, so you can achieve a naturally beautiful face without makeup. We will help you achieve clear and radiant […]