Le bloc 2015 – the fashion highlight of Cologne goes into the seventh round

Sonne, Fashion, gute Laune. Das Mode und Designfestival le bloc fand am Samstag in Köln unter strahlendem Himmel statt. Kleine Boutiquen öffneten ihre Pforten und lockten die modebegeisterten Besucher mit sommerlicher Mode, DJ’s mitten im Ladenlokal und Getränkespecials an. Highligts des Tages: Die Modenschaus um 16 Uhr und 18 Uhr im Parkhaus. Unser CM Models-Team hat sich mit Kamera bewaffnet und unter die bunte Masse gemischt. Findet auch ein Video zum le bloc 2014 – Seht es euch unten an!

Last minute preparations for le bloc 2015

Early at 8 a.m. our CM Models team is busy with the last organizational preparations for le bloc 2015. The models are being fitted, make-up artists are working, curlers are being twisted into the hair, the smell of hairspray is in the air. Anticipation for the fashion show outweighs nervousness. We set up the last flash booths. Visitors can snap fun souvenir photos and take the pictures straight away for an unforgettable day.

Holiday feeling with focus on fashion & design

The streets in the Belgian quarter slowly fill up around mid-morning with fashion-loving visitors in colourful dresses, airy tan tops or in the trendy hippie look with flower hair bands. Along with music and a cup or two of Malibu, the guests are amazed at the fashion of the urban and small “in” boutiques in the Belgian quarter. Not only the children are happy about the colourful balloons, bags swing back and forth in many hands. In a holiday feeling, fashion enthusiasts of all ages stroll through the streets wearing sunglasses or hats. The sun beams down from the sky and shows the Belgian quarter from its best side. Pop-up stores open in some backyards, around 6000 guests enjoy Belgian specialties. The highlight of le bloc 2015: the fashion shows at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the multi-storey car park at the corner of Maastrichterstrasse and Brabanterstrasse. 55 models will walk the urban catwalk for various young designers and small boutiques from the Belgian quarter. The latest trends 2015 enchant the guests and provided inspiration.

Firecracker start of the fashion show

Two models open the catwalk with a surprising dance performance. Everything but normal: hip-hop elements paired with stylish and versatile fashion. Our CM Models team occupies seats in the front row. Under critical eyes the models are examined, we enjoy the presentation of the different fashion collections. Our summary: We are enthusiastic and proud of our protégés. Skilfully they present the collections of the designers and boutiques.

The party after the event

From 10 p.m. the after-show party starts at the “Artyfarty”, the colourful crowd lets the evening end indoors and outdoors with a cool drink in hand. Music and excited voices fill the streets of the Belgian Quarter, around Brussels Square. We toasted the successful day with a glass of sparkling wine. Cheers, to le bloc 2015! With a smile, we review the day and are happy about the many new impressions and the new people we had the chance to meet.

Le bloc 2014 Youtube Video: Art, Fashion, Design

Here above you can watch the Youtube video of the Lebloc 2014. In the Belgian Quarter in Cologne, le bloc is well done – music and workshops like fashion are on every corner at this event in Cologne.

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