Model Coaching: Catwalk, Posing, Presence

Sunday is the day, on 28.06.2015 we start the next exclusive model coaching for our New Faces – of course in the Headquater Cologne, Mediapark. It’s about your walk (walking style, walking path), posing and presence at castings and in jobs. All information about the Coaching-Sunday can be found here! Furthermore there is a wildcard to win from Monday on! Also – The video of the casting. How did everything go? Find out more at the bottom of the page, as well as our latest Casting Video Cologne 2018.

Model Casting: New dates!

Live Castings are held several times a year! You can find new dates here: Casting Dates. You don’t want to miss any update about castings? Follow our agency and our model agency Youtube!

Training procedure (Sunday): Catwalk, Posing, Presence

Part 1: Running coaching, catwalk training (Omega)

In the running coaching, catwalk training with men’s model Omega we practice different running styles that help you in everyday modeling, on castings and in your jobs. Omega is known as an international model and catwalk coach. From Omega you will learn to master every catwalk professionally and perfectly.

Part 2: Personality and charisma (Lutz)

From model coach Lutz you learn your own strengths and your individual character. As an international model and recognized acting coach, Lutz knows how to sell strengths. With personality and charisma, your appearance with the customer will be perfect in the future.

Part 3: Posing and shooting training (Oliver)

With free posing you inspire your customers. That’s why you’ll learn from Oliver Rudolph in the third part of the workshop. Oliver Rudolph is a fashion photographer and professional when it comes to staging in front of the camera. From him you will learn how to move in front of the camera and present fashion pieces and co. perfectly.

Part 4: Choreography (Marcel)

In the final choreo training you will learn different ways of walking the international catwalk. For the finale we run a complete rehearsal together and of course give tips and suggestions for improvement.

Part 5: Polaroid Shooting / Personal Video (internal)

During and after the workshop we ask individuals for a short shooting appointment. We give you the perfect background for a professional Polaroid set, with white background, optimal light and top photographer. In the second step we shoot a personal video for your next presentation to the client. That means: Personality, Posing, Walk! You introduce yourself, name your agency, show your profile (like Polaroids), pose in front of the camera and do a walk.

Loudbridge Coaching
on Sunday, 28.06.2015 at Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne, Germany

Win 1 Wildcard for the Model Coaching


In summary

Omega – running coaching, catwalk training
Lutz – Personality, charisma and appearance in front of the customer
Oliver – Posing and shooting training
Marcel – Choreography

Check out our 2015 CM Models Casting video here!

Models Casting 2015 – First Agency Casting

A successful casting day in Düsseldorf! Here is our video of the casting 2015:

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