Stretching: Stretching Routine, Daily Stretching & Yoga

Stretching – Stretching is meant to stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments, making them more supple and therefore more efficient. Or in other words: stretching exercises should help to give the body the suppleness that is necessary for good coordination and fun during sports. In this article, you’ll find 3 videos all about stretching. First, a 5-minute video with a stretching routine that you can integrate into your daily routine. Next, stretching exercises inspired by yoga and finally a few exercises for better posture in everyday life. Standing up straight will make you look taller, fitter and more confident. Back to Home Training and back to the Beauty Guide.

5 min Daily stretching

Do you feel stiff and tense? Or do you have sore muscles from your workout? This video is perfect for coming down after any kind of workout, before bed or after waking up! Are you stretching enough? Here is a short video with stretching exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. You don’t have to be flexible to do this workout, just give it a try.

Yoga stretching exercises for home

Yoga inspired exercises to relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain. These stretches help relieve tension and achieve greater relaxation and body awareness. Stretching is considered an all-purpose weapon for athletes and desk jockeys alike. Without stretching, any workout feels incomplete. Just treat yourself to 10 minutes, just for you, your body and your soul!

Correct posture in only 8 minutes

Do you have a round back? With a head that juts forward like a turtle? Does your mother tell you to stand straighter? This could be the case because you sit too much! The typical “desk posture” can cause tension and pain in your neck, back, shoulders, lower back and hips. This exercise is about correcting your sitting position and basically bending your body in the opposite direction. This opens the chest, mobilizes the spine, stretches the shoulders and back. For a better posture! Standing upright immediately makes you look taller, fitter and more confident.

Beauty Tips: Zumba and more

More beauty tips! Here’s more on home workouts. Cool Zumba workout videos to follow at home and more, here. But even without a workout and with your diet alone, you can keep your body fit, healthy and at your balanced weight. Delicious recipes, foods and nutrition tips to help you get or keep a flat tummy, plus more for you.

Zumba: Workouts, Zumba Class & Dancing

Zumba dancing and Zumba as a workout are very trendy. Zumba is a somewhat different workout, because it combines dance and training in an athletic rush of joie de vivre. The workout was developed by Colombian fitness trainer Alberto Perez in the 1990s. The mix of rhythmic dance and sweaty interval training not only brings a lot of fun, but is also a real calorie killer. In addition, the dance workout with elements of salsa, samba and reggaeton also trains endurance, coordination and many different muscles – perfect for anyone who also wants to improve their fitness while dancing. In this post, you’ll find three cool videos for a Zumba workout. – It’s time to dance!

Diet: Flat belly & avocado

A healthy diet is an important building block for our health and well-being. Most of the time we eat what our body feels like, but not what it really needs. Why we eat, what, when and how much depends on two factors – perception and feelings. But a number of psychological and social aspects also play a significant role. Here you will learn how you can eat a balanced and healthy diet and lose a gram or two of body fat if you want to.

Nutrition: Beautiful skin, diet and more

You want to become a model and have not yet really dealt with the topic of nutrition? A conscious diet is not only good for your skin and your body, but also for your health. If your skin is prone to blemishes, you can prevent it. We show you how! We also introduce you to different diets and show you how to maintain your weight in a healthy way. If you feel even better without an ounce or two on your body, we’ll also introduce you to foods that will help you achieve this naturally. Recipes, drinks and delicious foods, here.

Home Training: Pamela Reif, Zumba and more

Here you come back to the Home-Training overview.