Parks in Hamburg – Planten un Bomen, Stadtpark & Jenischpark

Becoming a model in Hamburg – view over the Elbe, a great view of the harbor, relax in the green oasis in the middle of the city center. In Hamburg, every park has a beautiful backdrop to offer, whether you just want to get some fresh air on the way to your accommodation after a busy modeling day or want to have a really relaxing time in one of Hamburg’s most beautiful parks on your day off.

Parks in Hamburg: The most beautiful & popular green spaces

If you need a break from all the hustle and bustle in the North German metropolis, Hamburg’s parks offer you a perfect break to relax. We as a model agency have picked out the best green spaces in Hamburg, so if you want to know where you can make the best walk and the best picnic in the port city, read on here:

Planten un Blomen: rose gardens, lakes & water light show

Hamburg’s most beautiful park in the middle of the city: on about 47 hectares there are themed gardens, lakes, a large playground, as well as concerts and water light shows in summer. Between Japanese gardens and rose gardens you can take a relaxed stroll and still be in the middle of Hamburg – between the city centre, the congress centre and St. Pauli.

4.7 / 5.0 (13,388 ratings on Google)

Planten un Blomen at a glance:

  • Special feature: large park directly in the city with beautifully landscaped green areas
  • Address: Marseiller Str., 20355 Hamburg, Germany
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 07:00-23:00

This is where you’ll find the park:

Here you have a 360 degree view at the Japanese Garden of the park:

City park: planetarium, swimming & open-air concerts

The Hamburg City Park is the third largest green space in Hamburg. Here waits a spacious, green meadow that invites you to picnic and is a popular place for many Hamburgers in the summer to barbecue. The Hamburg Planetarium is located in the Stadtpark, as well as playgrounds, sports facilities, works of art and the Stadtparksee, where you can swim and go boating. But the Stadtpark is not only the right place to meet and relax, in summer thousands of visitors flock to the open-air stage to experience great concerts under the open sky every year.

4.7 / 5.0 (13,417 ratings on Google)

The city park summarized:

  • Special feature: many leisure activities such as swimming, boating or concerts
  • Open 24 hours

The park is located here:

Here you are on the large lawn with a view of the planetarium:

Altonaer Volkspark: recreation & special gardens

Covering an area of 205 hectares, the Altonaer Volkspark is located in the district of Altona in the west of Hamburg. A range of different recreational, educational and leisure facilities offer a relaxing stay for every visitor. The geometrically laid out school garden offers a variety of herbaceous and ornamental shrub borders, rare woody plants and special gardens and invites you to take a leisurely stroll on a sunny day.

4.5 / 5.0 (2,855 ratings on Google)

Altonaer Volkspark at a glance:

  • Special feature: beautiful special gardens and variety of plants
  • Open 24 hours

The Altonaer Volkspark is located here:

Schanzenpark: Recreation in the colourful Schanzenviertel district

The park is an important recreational area for the residents of the colourful, densely built-up Schanzenviertel. It not only serves as a popular jogging route all year round, but also as a perfect tobogganing area in winter with its Schanzenhügel. In summer, the extensive meadows are a wonderful place to relax and you have a beautiful view of the old water tower, which now houses a hotel.

4.1 / 5.0 (1,675 ratings on Google)

Schanzenpark at a glance:

  • Special feature: centrally located in the Sternschanze district & water tower
  • Open 24 hours
  • Phone: 040 428280

Here you will find the Schanzenpark:

Alsterpark: Swans, sailboats & panoramic view

This green space is located directly on the western shore of the Außenalster next to large villas and beautiful old houses. You have a wonderful view over the Alster and the districts on the other side, between swans, geese, sailing ships and lots of green you can wonderfully relax here. In general, a round around the Alster is a perfect and popular jogging route.

4.7 / 5.0 (80 reviews on Google)

Alsterpark summarized:

  • Special feature: beautiful panoramic view over Hamburg directly at the waterfront
  • Open 24 hours

The Alsterpark is located here:

Altonaer Balkon: View over Elbe, harbour & bridge

The Altona Balcony is a popular park about 27 meters above the Elbe with a breathtaking view of most of the container port, the imposing Köhlbrand Bridge, the old port terminal, the shipping traffic and the colorful hustle and bustle along the Elbe. It is located in direct proximity to the Elbe beach Övelgönne and the colourful and densely built-up district of Altona.

4.6 / 5.0 (3,458 ratings on Google)

The Altona balcony at a glance:

  • Special feature: beautiful view of the harbour terminal & the Köhlbrand Bridge
  • Address: Palmaille, 22767 Hamburg
  • Open 24 hours
  • Phone: 040 428116120

You can find the park here:

Large ramparts: fountains & ice rink

The Wallanlagen stretch from the eastern end of the Reeperbahn in the St. Pauli district to Planten un Blomen in the city centre and were once the former city fortifications around Hamburg. In the Wallanlagen are several playgrounds, lakes, fountains, gardens and even an open-air ice rink on which you can skate wonderfully in winter.

4.6 / 5.0 (196 reviews on Google)

Wall systems at a glance:

  • Special feature: former city wall around Hamburg
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 07:00-23:00

The great ramparts are located here:

Jenischpark: Historic villa with a view of the Elbe

A green space directly on the Elbe, where the historic Jenisch Villa is located in a picturesque setting with river views. The Jenischpark with its large tree population and its extensive green wetlands is a popular destination for joggers, dog owners and walkers, who head for this park specifically to get a break from the big city.

4.6 / 5.0 (1,857 ratings on Google)

Jenischpark summarized:

  • Special feature: Jenisch House & view over the Elbe River
  • Address: Baron-Voght-Strasse 50, 22609 Hamburg, Germany
  • Open 24 hours

Here you will find the Jenischpark:

Hamburg’s parks in summary

The Hanseatic city on the water has a lot to offer in terms of scenery – whether you make a nice day along the Elbe in the beautiful parks on the shore with harbor panorama or near the city center on the Außenalster is up to you. Fact is: every park in Hamburg invites you to relax, picnic or jog, you just have to find your favorite spot!