Streetstyles fall Hamburg 2017

A grand entrance for scarf, hat and gloves! The shivering season is upon us again and we’re trying to escape the nasty cold. But what was that again? There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing. But autumn doesn’t just bring the cold again, because it decorates cities like Hamburg with beautiful colorful leaves and lets the golden autumn awaken with a few rays of sunshine. Of course, we also adapt to this with our fall fashion. As every year, many possibilities, new trends and must-haves emerge. Hamburg knows its way around! Where big fashion bloggers like Caro Daur or Xenia Van der Woodsen have their home, people must have an idea of what’s fashionable on the streets in the cold months. We’ve taken a leaf out of the Hamburgers’ book and show you how to turn your outfit into the perfect fall street style à l a Hamburg!

Street Style Hamburg above all windproof

As Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg has a lot to offer. Anyone who has ever been there or even lives there knows that it can be very windy on the beautiful Elbe. This year’s it-pieces such as oversized woollen collared sweaters, soft coats and stylish headwear are therefore not only incredibly chic, but also real treasures to keep you warm at all times. Windproof yet stylish is the Hamburg motto! Whether it’s a boat trip or a stroll through the Speicherstadt, the outfit has to withstand everything.

Street style loves trench coats

What’s so great about trench coats? They are classically beautiful and can be combined with anything. Even if you’re more of a sporty type, a trench coat looks both casual and chic with jeans and sneakers. They are now available in many different colors, but if you don’t want to go wrong, go for the classic beige model like fashion blogger Caro Daur in the picture below. Together with red accents peeking out over the jacket and large earrings, the outfit looks much more exciting.

It-Piece Baker Boy Hat

At last, the cold seasons are not just about beanies, but also about cheeky baker boy hats. They add a casual touch to any outfit and are reminiscent of the relaxed style of the graceful Parisienne. Back then, the flat headgear was worn exclusively by men and is now being donned by stylish women on the streets of Hamburg. You can see how to combine them below.

Everyone wears white

The color white can be combined with everything and can be found not only on pants, but also on jackets and sweaters. If you want to keep warm in autumn, you can wear light-coloured sweaters or cosy jackets in this trendy color. Whether tone-on-tone or in contrast to dark trousers, these garments are an absolute must-have for the coming winter.


Oversized sleeves as a must-have

You can see thick sweaters with extra-long sleeves on the Hamburger Meile. Statement sleeves, trumpet sleeves or also called mega sleeves. But no matter what they’re called, we know we love them! They look super chic and add a cool touch. If you want to be particularly stylish this fall, grab a sweater with extra-long sleeves in a soft blue. But not just as a sweater, no! This trend can also be seen as a dress. Together with a small bag and high heels, the elegant look is street style-ready.