Model agency for music videos – production at home and abroad

Model agency for music videos – We help your production to find the perfect model. Music videos are not a flash in the pan but are present for weeks, months and years if they are successful. Especially through YouTube, music videos have reached an incredible longevity, which they did not know before. Therefore, the selection of models for many musicians and productions is more and more in focus, because the look of the video often stands or falls with the protagonist. We can help you with model selection for your music video, as well as administration and travel management when circumstances require it.

Model selection and booking for music videos

First send us your booking request, with the important information about the production and the publication. This includes various information such as

  1. Production date of the music video
  2. Times from start of shooting to end, as well as arrival and departure
  3. Artists and musicians, also guests
  4. Music video concept and task
  5. Publication and special features (extras for TV, magazines, Instagram, Youtube, etc.)
  6. And much more

The booking request is then received by our model agency. Here one of our experts will take care of the booking request. Within a short time you will receive your feedback. Depending on how detailed the information was, with questions or directly with suggestions for the production. It is important that you collect all the information in advance to ensure a fast and smooth booking process.

Our model agency not only takes care of the selection of models for a music video, but also the complete production planning, which means hotels, travel and of course the briefings. So you can fully concentrate on your music video shoot while we pull the strings in the background for your performers.

Music video production

Music video productions are usually very expensive and elaborate. Within one day, everything must sit, the entire production team is planned, the location and the equipment. From 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., for example, every single scene must be in the can, so that nothing has to be post-produced. Of course, this requires absolute professionals as models, not amateur actors. Therefore, many production companies but also music labels turn to model agencies to get professional performers for music videos.

As soon as the spotlights go on and the cameraman calls for action, it all starts. Now every movement has to be right, emotions, facial expressions and gestures. Everything has to play together, plus the musician and of course sometimes the band. All these facial expressions and emotions have to harmonize and fit together. The model must also bring a cheerful charisma and positive energy. For all this we provide as a model agency for your music video production.

Travel planning and management for music videos

Before you ask, do I have to take care of hotels, flights, trains and taxis? No, of course we as management also take care of all connections to the production, there and back. So that you can, as just described, fully concentrate on your music video production. As a model agency we book the right tickets and make sure that our models are ideally already on location the day before, so that everything from styling to make-up is in place the next day. This way you have no loss of time and can safely assume that the quality of your final product is completely right.

Questions about booking models

If you have any questions about booking models for your music video, please feel free to contact our team. We will help you with our expertise and experience to find the perfect model for your video shoot.

Contact and inquiries

Contact us now and we will help you with your model search. Here you will find all important contact details