Foreo Luna: cleansing brush, fresh complexion & massage

Foreo Luna – Facial cleansing is essential for healthy and glowing skin. To keep breakouts at bay, equip yourself with dermatologist-approved tools. Here’s how to take your facial cleansing to a whole new level. Ever heard of Foreo Luna? If not, then you’re getting to know the device now at the latest. The device consists of a pulsating disc with bacteria-repelling silicone nubs that removes impurities from your pores without aggressive scrubbing. In this article, you’ll learn all about Foreo, the cleansing brush. Read more about facial care and skin care here. Back to Beauty Tools and back to the Beauty Guide.

Youthful skin in the twinkling of an eye

Luna guarantees a gentle but efficient deep cleanse and creates an instant youthful appearance. Once the skin is fresh and cleansed, you can easily activate the massage level to further tone your skin. Convince yourself of the unique cleansing device for young, radiant skin.

  1. Step: Register your device via mobile phone
  2. Step: Moisten your face and apply a cleanser
  3. Step: Cleansing – 1 minute with the device circling over your face
  4. Step: Rinse face and pat dry
  5. Step: Apply serum and activate massage stage

The unique cleaning brush

It’s time to meet the future of beauty technology – the Luna face brush. The device removes 99.5% of makeup residue, dirt and oil within 60 seconds. In addition, this device exfoliates your face, making it soft and smooth. Through the four programmed massage routines, the skin is lifted, tightened and care products are absorbed more intensively by the skin. Muscle tension? These are also loosened by the device. It also additionally ensures smoother skin.

Recommendation Foreo – Expert

Aesthetic expert Lizette Ludwig explains the importance of collagen in your body and gives you tips and tricks on how to simulate collagen with the unique Foreo device. Spice up your facial glow.

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