Marie Claire fashion magazine

The French fashion magazine is the all-rounder: fashion, style, hair trends, beauty, career, health and lifestyle! Marie Claire thus offers everything for its almost exclusively female readers. The cover is usually drawn by well-known celebrities from the USA. Here you can find the most popular fashion magazines.

Zendaya for Marie Claire Magazine:

The history of the magazine

The first issue of Marie Claire was edited by Jean Prouvost in 1937 and appeared at weekly intervals thereafter. From 1954, the magazine appeared only monthly. In the 1990s, the internationalization of the magazine began with publication in Germany, the USA and other countries such as Japan, Russia and South Africa. The main focus of the magazine is fashion, health and beauty with a specific interpretation for women. Stars like Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez or Bella Hadid immortalize themselves on the covers.

Here are a pair of covers of Marie Claire: