Burda Style

The fashion magazine Burda Style shows fashion trends – how to wear them and make them yourself! Burda is a household name in the publishing world – the media house is breaking new ground with Burda Style. Here, new looks and fashion trends are presented that you can design yourself, sew yourself or make yourself. In addition to DOY, fashion designers are of course also a topic in Burda Style. Here you will find the most popular fashion magazines.

The history of the magazine

Eigen Verlag was founded by Aenne Burda in 1949. The first edition came out the following year in January. Aenne’s original idea for the magazine was a fashion magazine with patterns for sewing the clothes shown. This made the magazine a great commercial success at the beginning. For the first time, readers could not only examine the latest fashions, but also make them themselves directly at low cost. From the 1980s onwards, the first internationalizations were made. First in Russia, then a few years later on the Asian market.

Here are some covers of the Burda Style magazines: