Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Magazine

Cosmopolitan is a lifestyle magazine with around 400,000 copies sold per circulation. Cosmopolitan leads the way in the latest trends and styles. With articles on sex and eroticism and the colorful mix of topics, Cosmopolitan has established itself as a very open and fresh magazine. In addition to fashion and beauty, Cosmopolitan includes topics such as career and profession. A publication in Cosmopolitan is considered a professional career award. Here you can find the most popular fashion magazines.

Rapper G-Eazy for Cosmopolitan Magazine:

The history of the magazine

The publishing house of Cosmopolitan was founded in 1886 under the name Schlicht & Field. Until the 1950s, the magazine contained many literary texts, such as short stories, novels or short stories. After resuming after World War II, the magazine then focused on appropriate topics related to women as a women’s magazine. The focus was deliberately on young women and sexual topics were openly reported on.

‘Get Ready’ with Anitta:

Here is a cover of Cosmopolitan: