Dior Beauty: Backstage Foundation, Cult Lipstick & Miss Dior

Dior Beauty – Sometimes sophisticated, sometimes natural. Christian Dior was always looking for “colors that would enliven the streets tomorrow”. It all began in 1954 with a timeless lipstick that still embodies refined elegance today. In the meantime, there is a complete make-up series from Dior. Here you can find videos from Dior about the popular Miss Dior perfume, the red cult lipstick and the Dior Backstage Foundation. Back to all skincare products and back to the beauty guide.

Dior Backstage Foundation

Model Bella Hadid wears the Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation in the shade 2N, which was fixed with the Powder No Powder. If you also want the cool look of Bella Hadid, then simply recreate the whole look.

Cult lipstick: Rouge Dior

The highly pigmented lipstick already saw the light of the beauty world in 1947. The strong red was never changed, by the way, only the texture. With each further development, a 9 was added to the name of the red shade and thus the 70-year-old lipstick now bears the number Dior 999. Learn more about the history of Rouge Dior in this video.

Miss Dior Perfume

Flowers, flowers! And more flowers – thousands of them. Miss Dior has always been a promise of happiness and an olfactory masterpiece, spectacularly reinvented today in a sea of colorful petals.

Beauty Tips: Armani and more

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Hermès Beauty: Lipstick & Kelly Bag

The beauty line is just as successful on the road as the must-have designer piece: the Kelly Bag. A lipstick line with 24 different shades. The lipsticks range from intense to eye-catching colors like orange and dark red, but of course you can also find classic shades like rose or beige. You can also enjoy a wide range of different blush shades. Looking for unique fragrances? We’ve picked out the 5 best fragrances Hermes has to offer. A beauty line that you should not miss and definitely try.

Armani Beauty: Barbara Palvin & Perfume

Armani Beauty stands for high-quality cosmetics and skin care. The brand has something for every beauty lover, because the product range extends from perfume and skin care to make-up. In this article, we introduce you to Armani Beauty as a brand and their most popular products. Especially popular is the brand’s extremely opaque “Glow luminous silk foundation” and the super pigmented Liquid Lipsticks.

Home workout: Pamela Reif, Zumba and more

You want to keep your body fit and have a healthy stamina, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you how to keep your body fit at home with different workouts by Pamela Reif, but also cool dance workouts and Zumba. Finally, stretching, because you should not forget that in any case.

Grooming products: Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford and more.

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