Armani Beauty: Luminous Silk Foundation, Barbara Palvin & Armani Sí

Armani Beauty – Armani Beauty stands for high quality cosmetics and skin care. The brand has something for every beauty lover, because the product range includes perfume, skin care and make-up. In this article, we will introduce you to Armani Beauty as a brand and their most popular products like the brand’s extremely opaque ” luminous silk foundation”. Stars and models such as Barbara Palvin also consider Armani Beauty products to be absolute must-haves. Back to all skincare products and back to the beauty guide.

Armani Beauty: For a radiant and fresh complexion

You want to look fresh and well-groomed? In this make-up tutorial you will learn how to create a super simple everyday make-up that looks super natural. Armani Beauty make-up artist Tim Quinn reveals his absolute secret tips for a glowy make-up. Of course, the probably best and most popular product of Armani Beauty, the Luminous Silk Foundation, should not be missing in a make-up tutorial for a flawless complexion.

  • Apply the Maestro UV primer, like a day cream.
  • The primer
  • Use the cream Nuda under your eyes and on your face
  • The cream is a real all-rounder: it nourishes the skin and tones the skin lightly
  • You can only use the Creme Nuda, but if you want more coverage, you should apply the Luminous Silk Foundation.
  • Apply the foundation with a brush only to the areas that need more coverage.
  • With the Fluid Sheer Highlighter, you can make your face really shine.

Model Barbara Palvin’s Top 4 Products

Supermodel Babara Palvin is an absolute Armani beauty fan and shows exclusively for Elle Magazine her 4 absolute favorite products. The Victoria Secret model also reveals her exclusive make-up routine and beauty tips.

  • Face : The popular and extremely opaque Luminous Silk Foundation by Armani.
  • Eyes: The black ecstasy mascara makes your lashes look longer and more voluminous.
  • Complexion: Neo Nude A-Contour Bronzer gives you a flawless complexion and defined features
  • Lips: Smooth Silk Lipliner for an expressive lip

The best Armani perfumes

Are you looking for a new favourite perfume? Armani Beauty offers a variety of exclusive and unique fragrances, but the Sí range is particularly popular and aromatic.

  • Sí : Fruity – floral fragrance with an elegant rose note
  • Sí Passione – fruity floral fragrance with rose and vanilla notes
  • Sí Fiori – smells flowery-sweet with tangerines, oranges and vanilla notes

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