Supermodels: More than a model

Guarantee of success? Yes. Whenever advertising agencies plan new campaigns and involve a big name they are also buying the trust of their fans. They profit not only from the model as a commercial face but also as an influencer. Campaigns double their range by a good selection of well-known models. Supermodels have a great fan base, sometimes even more than the company/brand itself. If a brand is booking famous models resp. names they are drawing the attention via the model onto their brand, products or service. That’s the way brands are making themselves relevant (important). Like Tommy Hilfiger did with Gigi Hadid. The name of the campaign was “Tommy x Gigi”. Quite simple but extremely effective with a long-term presentation in city lights of bigger cities. By a familiar and well-known face, brands reach even more people. Additionally, they deliver the headlines for press and media. At the same time, a big name of a model might make the actual collection or product look irrelevant. A lot of the media might only talk about model xy. Only a few become supermodels. But it is still a great goal to set and to work on that as a new face.

Slim, yet, sporty shape or figure as you used figure in the text?

We are not yet talking about the measurements, because they vary. According to your particular body shape you might be able to do more, or less jobs. Though in general, one thing is important for you as model: a slim, yet, sporty figure with good proportions. It also comes down to a steady improvement of your measurements. We differentiate hereby between men and women. Particularly regarding sports and fitness. While male models have to show more muscles and do more sports, female models need to stay feminine and only show a few muscles. As a female model you should ensure that your body and skin is tight, and that you are fit. Too many visible muscles should be avoided. If you are working as a model later on, you have to take care of certain body parts and not train them too much. Tummy, hips, bottom and making them tighter, gaining muscles – no.

If some muscle parts are showing too much you might not be flexible enough for jobs. High fashion will then not apply to you, particularly if you are too big on your shoulders and hips. We will talk more about the fitness and sports topics. This book will also provide you some great tips about healthy diet and lifestyle.

Acting and being versatile for customers happiness

Who was that from the very beginning? No, it is steady work. It is not enough to meet the requirements regarding looks in order to be a successful model. Acting will help you a lot, especially when it comes to commercials. You will understand how important it is to be versatile and be able to act as a model. You will then be able to switch between roles and be able to put certain feelings aside and not show them (if you are having a bad day for example).

The better jobs you get, the higher the expectations of clients regarding your talent and abilities will be.

Acting – in a much less form – will be your companion from now on. You have to do e-castings, speak in smaller roles or even bigger ones. Later on set, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to be “best friends” with another model. On a different day, you might have to fight, and on another day you could be a happy family celebrating your investment in a new television. You see, jobs might be very difficult and hard for younger models. As model you should never show that you are tired, stressed or frustrated. Acting will help you remain professional on set and keep your self-control. In many other professions, you would have to learn how to “deliver” jobs/tasks reliably.

After all… it is all about self-assessment

Self-assessment as a model

We are coming to an important point here: self-assessment. I want to address this quite early, as it is significant for you as model to be honest with yourself and your opportunities. Before taking a wrong turn; which means, if your type is not in fashion within high fashion, you should not focus on the international market but more on the national commercial market. On the other side, if you fit into the world of Haute Couture and High Fashion, chances that you make it in smaller agencies should not be risked. You are young just once and there is only a limited time to make it into the fashion industry! Fewer years do not mean “overnight”. Life is not a Hollywood movie.

Take your time, you are still young.

Step by step: reach your goals.

At lot of people don’t understand that modeling is hard work and time investment. You are wrong if you think “you will make it on the cover of Vogue easily”. Just to get an editorial in “Vogue” is quite a challenge for experienced models. The cover of “Vogue“ is a great goal to achieve, but has nothing to do with the daily business of a model.

Your daily business will be test shoots, castings, commercials, social media shoots, online shops, showrooms and lookbooks. You will be on set eight or more hours a day and you will be the only person that has to smile. Day in, day out, every week. Until you get a cover, there is a long way ahead – sometimes hard and sometimes enduring. Models with the potential usually work for years to get that reward. And before that, their daily work is showrooms, fittings, photo shoots and e-castings. They usually work for years to keep their career going and are not getting a lot of fame. At the beginning, you will start with smaller jobs in your local cities and country. After you finish school, you might be going overseas. The first weeks could be in a model apartment with three, four or five strangers from different countries. Of course, the “drama“, which we see on famous TV shows is not usual on a daily business of a model.

Discipline, discipline, discipline!