How to become a model in Germany?

Germany is one of the key markets worldwide. In Europe, Germany is leading the industry. Many models are looking to this market for placements or on stays in one of the reliable modeling agencies here. The most impoortant cities are Berlin (the capital of Germany), Hamburg and Munich. The Fashion Week takes place in Berlin. The crazy capital between western and eastern Europe. We like to invite you to a short trip to Germany! If you are a new face, this could be your opportunity.

New faces – Never seen before effect works in Germany as well

New Faces are fresh faces at the very beginning. Your first steps in an agency will be as new face: “never seen before”. Supermodels are the ideal. They are not only great in what they do, with perfect measurements and an own name. If you are starting now as new face, what is so special about you?
New Faces: Never seen before!

New faces are bringing two special features for designers, advertising agencies and project managers: their name and presence will not distract from the product or brand itself. On the other side, new faces attract viewers of runway shows and stand out from other well-known models. This “magic moment” does not happen too often. But if it does, everybody remembers you from that moment on the catwalk, in the show, campaign or designer. I had my last “magic moment” at Berlin Fashion Week. Many new faces started doing their first steps in the big cities like New York, Milan, London and Paris.

Berlin Fashion Week: Recognizing new faces in a second

Summer, second day, second show. The music starts, lights blend out, the big hall is filled up in deep black. The runway is about one hundred meters. Twenty, thirty photographers standing at the end of the runway, the perfect spot for the best pictures. Spotlight on! Model after model walking the runway in a summery look. Then there she was – a young Cara Delevigne with full eyebrows, a very edgy face and a great walk. Second fly (walk), third fly all eyes on her. Every time she appeared, people started to whisper in the front rows: “wow”. If the designer sees that positive feedback, her chances are high in getting booked again. For example for showrooms or lookbooks.

She walked six shows and was always the highlight with her full, outstanding eyebrows. Her look just got us. But her beauty and charisma as well. We are also talking about classy beauty in this book. If you are part of the fashion industry and visit fashion weeks in big cities for the second or third time, you will notice familiar faces within the models. After the shows, you meet in the lounge or after shows, and talk about the show the day before. And it is always about one thing: entertainment, collections, models and designers. The same effect has advertising. Fans of brands know every campaign and discuss with friends about the latest editorial or commercials. While new faces have the potential to “stand out”, supermodels provide their name as a guarantee for successful campaigns. Read more about the effect of supermodels.