Bravo Magazine: CM is now one of the ten leading modeling agencies in Germany

OMG. What should we say, OMG! One of Germanys top magazines for trends and young people just voted us to the top leading modeling agencies in Germany!! Bravo and Bravo Girl: We are now officially in the ranking of the 10 best model agencies in Germany. An absolute honor for us and our models! In 2015 we founded CM and after two years we are among the top agencies – thank you very much !! An excerpt: “The classic way is, of course, through a model agency, the agency serves as an intermediary between models and customers – they help you to castings and orders.” That’s the way it is! If you would like to apply as a model, click here: Application.

Here is the article of Bravo about the current season of Germanys Next Topmodel.

The 10 best model agencies in Germany

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