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Every year we invite professional model coaches for our models. Last week was our coaching for this year, where our new faces have the opportunity to learn everything about the model business, photoshootings, runways, castings and more. We as a model agency help them to realize their dream. That is the reason why we offer our large coaching once a year. The best coaches make sure that our models will convince all customers and get the best results. This year we have the famous german coaches Lutz Marquardt and Omega Awlime.
Below you can a summary of their tips and tricks for new faces.

  1. It is all about the posture: Your posture is one of the most important things you have to take care of. A wrong posture can easy be misunderstood. Shoulders which are pulled down, look shy and insecure. If you put your chest out and held your head high, you will look more self confident. Your posture will transfer to your mind (shy/insecure posture = insecure mind) v Always good, no matter in which situation.
  2. Smile, Smile, Smile: No matter which casting or job, people will book you again if it is easy and fun to work with you. Smile even if you have a bad day.
  3. Use your space: You can use your space/the room to express yourself. Open your hands, talk to the “audience”. Make them feel like you talk to all of (e.g) the casting directors.
  4. Be there and focus: Focus on one point. If you look around to much, it will look like you are nervous and do not really now what you want. A strong look makes you look strong.
  5. Live the moment and do not think about the future: If you are for example on a casting think about the moment and enjoy it. Do not think about future events, which will make you nervous.
  6. Be real: Just be you!

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