#1 Model Coaching 2018: Personality, Body Language, Perception and Catwalk

Model Coaching – Finally it’s time again for our new faces to meet up for the first model coaching in 2018. With three absolutely outstanding coaches. With our model coachings we have created something very unique for modeling agencies. An extremely intense day, consisting of the agency skills, personality and expression, occupy spaces for themselves, impact on others but also the classic catwalk training. A training day like this is extremely profitable, because you do not only learn a lot in a short time, you can implement your skills in the job as a model later. You meet other young models directly at the beginning of your career, who have the same questions and face the same challenges as you. But no problem, because our coaches Lutz Marquardt (Personality), Pravit Anantapongse (Catwalk) and Oliver Rudolph (Agency) ensure self-assurance and self-confidence among the young models.

Personality coaching: Body language and spaces

In training for personality and character, our couch Lutz Marquardt, especially work out the personal strengths of each model. Everyone has their own character and has their own requirements, while one is already completely confident in catwalk, another models are not that save in catwalks, because there are not yet experienced with high heels. On the other hand, a model already develops an emotional charisma, that can portray extremely many facets, the other model not.

Everyone is individual.

Especially as a model, it is important to be able to slip in many roles. It does not matter if it’s a showroom, where you have to survive a few customers and the fashion designer, or the demanding family shooting, where only one photo is needed and you play the same scene all day, over and over again, until the scene is done and it will be approved by the customer. Every single booking day is always “only” up to you! The conception and planning of the campaign or the photo shoot, was made by the agency weeks ago. All participants of the shoot were booked and informed, from the photographer to the stylist, make-up artist, pr agency and videographer. Now it depends on you. We learn how you can be confident in your first job, Lutz Marquardt shows techniques and possibilities, how to perceive yourself, how to be perceived by others and how to influence and control this perception.

Your own body plays an extremely important role in how the techniques and methods work exactly, as we show our models in our exclusive coaching days!

Catwalk Training: Catwalk Monster

Pravit Anantapongse is not only an outstanding Coach, his agency organizes the big shows in Germany. Today we were able to win Pravit Anantapongse for the first time as a catwalk coach for our models! While we’re already on the subject of winning, Parvit was an absolute win for us! With fun and energy we trained two hours for catwalk. From the very first steps, the first turn of the press to rehearsed choreographies in a simple form. Our models could really prove their skills and we could see exactly as a modeling agency, agents and scouts, which talent slumbers in which young model!

You want to become a model?

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