Model casting le bloc 2015: The fashion highlight of Cologne is approaching

Pressekonferenz. Coaching. Casting. Am Dienstag war es soweit: Das Casting für die le bloc Modenschau 2015! Ausgesuchte Modedesigner aus Köln und Belgien treffen auf Kölner Beauties. Am 13.06.15 ist es dann soweit, im Belgischen Viertel, mit Catwalk im Parkhaus. Wir haben die Organisatoren der Stadt Revue und die beiden Gastdesigner aus Flandern unterstützt: Bei Laufsteg Coaching, Jury und Auswahl. Über 60 Models waren da. Wow. Und so war’s:

Model casting for le bloc fashion show 2015

It’s already crowded when our CM Models team arrives at the Café “Hallmackenreuter” in the Belgian Quarter the day before yesterday. Models sit spread out at tables, the competition is eagerly examined, but above all the last tips for the catwalk are exchanged. There is a pleasant relaxed and familiar atmosphere, no noticeable pressure like at other casting events. Cool drinks and fruit are available for the casting participants, the weather is good and so is the mood. Everyone can hardly wait for the start of the “le bloc casting”.

Le bloc is the biggest fashion and design festival in Cologne and will take place for the seventh time in the Belgian Quarter on 13.06.2015. Creatives, students and fashion enthusiasts fill the quarter and become a big, creative, colorful hustle and bustle. The mood is relaxed and there is a pleasant holiday atmosphere. Boutiques and showrooms attract visitors with various promotions and great concerts. The highlight is Cologne’s largest open-air catwalk. Local and international designers present their new must-haves of the season.

And action: The le bloc PK & the model casting start

Models sign in at the entrance of the “Hallmackenreuters”, get a casting number and are directed to the basement for the short Polaroid shoot. YES, at this model casting ALL participants get a photo! At 4 p.m. the press conference for le bloc 2015 will start on the upper floor, where the catwalk will take place. This year’s Belgian guest designers will be introduced and Judith Schmitt (Stadtrevue) and Lothar Peters (Tourismus Flandern) will give an overview of the festival in the Belgian quarter.

le bloc presents designers from Antwerp, fashion and design is one of Belgium’s most popular exports. The Belgian Quarter and Cologne’s biggest fashion and design festival “le bloc” are the perfect place to present Belgian designers and their collections. In addition to lots of music, dancing and presentations by Belgian designers Marius Janusauskas and Doriane von Overeem, the festival will of course also serve as an advertisement for the local designers and boutiques in the Belgian Quarter. The shops will be open until 10pm and afterwards there will be an after-show party at the “ArtyFarty Artspace & Bar”.

Catwalk training à la Giuseppe

Before the big catwalk starts at 6pm, all models take part in a short catwalk coaching session with Giuseppe, one of our “New Faces” at Cocainemodels. Giuseppe gives a short speech and explains how he will proceed. The models line up in a big line in front of the cafe, Giuseppe presents both a “Male-Walk” and a “Female-Walk”. WOW, we are very proud of him! Afterwards, each model walks a few meters under his watch and gets tips and suggestions for improvement. A spectacle for all passers-by, the mobile phones are pulled out and photos are snapped.

The mood is rising, the models are getting more nervous and we realize that it’s about to start. Action! The first model makes her way to the catwalk. Under a “strict” look the jury examines the candidates. In the jury sits also a model agent from our Cocainemodels-team: Regina. And she is very enthusiastic about our models who are among the 55 participants. And YES: We are proud to announce that some of our “New Faces” from Cocainemodels have prevailed. Congratulations to Sophie Michelle, Selina, Susanne, Nikola, Philipp and our catwalk pro Giuseppe Buonvino: Congratulations! They will rock the catwalk at le bloc 2015 in Cologne this summer. We are looking forward to it!

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