Living & Decoration – Scented Candle, Vase, Pouf & more Trends

Living & Decoration – In an apartment it becomes more and more comfortable with small extras. In addition to the furniture and electronic appliances, a room with decoration looks more and more sympathetic and lively. No matter if wall, table or floor decoration – we at CM have collected the best and modern tips for you together:

High quality scented candles for a small price

They must not be missed under any circumstances! You come home after a stressful day and just want to put your feet up and relax. If you want to treat yourself to a little extra relaxation, light a few scented candles. Not only in the cool winter months do the little fireflies create a unique atmosphere. They are great to see in all cases, especially when you are draping several next to each other, but they also spray a pleasant fragrance. From all possible scent creations you can find out the most pleasant scents individually for you and buy your own collection. Not only in the apartment do they radiate their very own charm, but also outdoors, they provide light, warmth and a pleasant fragrance. The advantage is that you can get them everywhere for just a few euros and they add a cosy touch to your home.

Funky deco vases

Round, oval, angular, small, large, made of glass or porcelain… they are available in all shapes, sizes and materials. Beautiful flowers make you feel good! That’s why we strongly advise you to add a few basic vases to your household and make your home even more homely. The unique scent they spray creates summery moments of well-being. But don’t worry, just because they’re not so often filled with fresh flowers in the autumn and winter months, it’s no reason to let them dust in the closet. You can make them look great by filling them with bird sand and putting a big candle in them.

They also come with different patterns and motifs so you can customize them to suit your individual style and taste. Either way, a small repertoire of classic vases is definitely worth it and your home will get a wonderful flair.

Stories on the wall with picture galleries

Your walls are still empty and would like to give them an individual touch! Then we recommend to you in any case a specially arranged picture gallery. The best thing to do is to first select suitable motifs and objects and then determine a rough arrangement. Both in uniform and mixed picture frames, the constellation looks great and has your personal stamp! Whether you attach it directly to the wall, or a small device on which you then place it, is entirely up to you. The advantage of the second option is that you can also place other things, figures and objects on the small shelf fixture, so everything is loosened up a bit, just when you grab different sizes and formats of the pictures, you add a little more excitement. Even placing a few selected picture frames on the floor creates an extra break and looks cool!

Velvet & leather – Poufs the chic stool

The small round knobs do not only look sweet as sugar, they are also super practical and suitable for various purposes. At one moment you are looking for a small stool to put your tired feet up, at the other you have guests, but not enough seats. Also as a side table, or storage place, it clearly fulfills its purpose! They are totally easy to adapt to any interior. Best of all, they are not even expensive and are available in all possible colours and materials. You like it rather chic, then a Pouf from together with golden details is exactly the right thing for you. But you’ll also find what you’re looking for if you’re looking for something sturdy, perhaps linen or jute. Super practical and a must have, what this little thing can do!