Ella becomes the first ever virtual real estate agent: GetKey with VR

After we could already see our Ella in two advertising campaigns, including last week’s new campaign by Buffalo London, she is now starting for the first time in a completely new industry: real estate. For a major portal, Ella is now giving virtual advice and also showcasing new, high-end properties. A small, very first video, we wanted to show you here directly.

Beautiful Living! Now with Ella (VR)

Ella’s new job was extremely challenging, as for the first time our virtual model is speaking. If you’ve been reading our blog for any length of time, you know that it’s been over a year in the making. So there is really, really a lot of detail work behind it. That’s why we are even more proud that Ella is now taking the next step and “simply put”, is no longer just a photo model, but now additionally, working for a really big, renovated real estate portal. A completely new challenge for our whole VR team. The very first, small snippets were published a few hours ago on GetKey, directly on the home page. So all visitors the real estate portal first of all meet our Ella!

Presenting real estate with VR models

Source: GetKey

Virtual reality in advertising

It all started in early 2021, since then there was the first commercial with Ella for a food company. Then came the first big fashion show, with MarcCain at Berlin Fashion Week. There was our Zoe (VR) and 3 other, exclusively, for Marc Cain created avatars. Together with 8 real models, they presented the new fall-winter collection for women.

Then, last week, the second campaign with Ella was released! Buffalo Shoes or Buffalo London, is really everyone a term, only a few shoe brands have such, international awareness. The campaign ran under the motto “Diversity”, the name “Bolder than ever”. 5 absolutely different models, stories and characters!

Now we take the next step, after the first videos, in the first big virtual fashion show, the first big campaign, now comes presentation and voiceover. Together with Zoe01 (Israel) we want to change the market of advertising until 2030!

We believe that the world will be different in 2030 than it is today. Even more digital, even more virtual – with each passing day, the virtual world will become more real to us.

Source: GetKey