Dermaroller: Microneedling, acne, hair growth strengthening & routine

Dermaroller – Healthy and radiant skin gives us a lot of self-confidence, all the more unsettles us a sagging skin, wrinkles and scars. Dermaroller – The all-rounder, whether fighting wrinkles, smoothing acne scars, treatment of stretch marks or to stimulate hair growth. If you want to counteract exactly these problems, you should definitely include the Dermaroller in your facial care routine. Read more about skin care here. Back to Beauty Tools and back to the Beauty Guide.

Dermaroller Routine

Step by step – how to perfectly use the dermaroller at home. In any case, the face must be disinfected, as well as the device. It is important to roll carefully over the skin instead of risking deep injuries. Afterwards, the face should be provided with rich creams to achieve a perfect result.

Dermaroller for hair growth

Suffering from hair loss or want to stimulate your hair growth to get long hair? Here are the best tips and tricks on how to use the dermaroller properly to give your hair the grand entrance. Incorporate the dermaroller into your hair care routine! We’ll answer all your questions:

  • How to clean and use the Dermaroller?
  • How to deal with flaky skin and dandruff during dermarolling ?
  • Which needle length of the Dermaroller for hair loss?
  • What hair washing routine?
  • How often should I use the Dermaroller?

Microneedling at home

A quick at-home guide on how to use the dermaroller correctly. Whether it’s for pores, acne scars or plumper skin, these tips and tricks will give your skin a whole new glow.

  • Dermaroller
  • Sensitive cream
  • Regular cleaning

Beauty Tips: Gua Sha and more

Dermarollers give you a fresh complexion and wrinkle-free skin. Can’t get enough of it? Then read our articles on the Gua Sha stone, tools to fight dark circles and more.

Gua Sha: Jawline & Romee Strijd

You have puffy eyes? Or wish you a defined Jawline? Then this is exactly a case for gua sha tools. The Chinese beauty tool, which translates as “scraping”, increases circulation, tightens the skin and drains the lymphatic system.

Circles under the eyes: mask & cream

Too little sleep? Worked too much? Or have you been out in the fresh air too little? One thing is clear: dark shadows under the eyes make all of us look tired and sickly. We have compiled the best tips and products against dark circles!

Hair Care: Split ends & Masks

The hair care adapted to your hair structure ultimately decides how full, shiny and healthy hair you have. The following hair care and styling tips should not be missed.

Beauty Tools: Gua Sha and more

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