Curved Models: Become a Plus Size Model for Fashion & Advertising

Curvy Models and Plus Size Models are becoming increasingly popular with customers. Did you know that the average woman has a dress size of 44? Even in advertising, this realistic trend is becoming more and more effective. In lookbooks, online shops but also on TV and on city lights in inner cities: curvy women are conquering the market. The trend towards the Curvy Model is based not only on the awareness of the customers but also on the increasing attractiveness of advertising. Curvy models exude a special zest for life, they allow themselves even the little tidbits and still have a dreamlike figure. A good role model for many and that has always been more successful, Curvy Models!

Plus Size Model will be: Agency and Management Application

If you know yourself a friend who should definitely be a model, then talk to her! We are looking for Plus Size and Curvy Models for jobs in Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Munich! After our last model casting in Berlin , we are still desperately looking for talented young women who want to start as a model. The job of a model is very varied, often one is traveling and traveling or flying for a job in another city, sometimes another country. With us at your side, you learn from Day 1 to deal with shootings. We’ll put you in touch with world-class photographers to help you build your Model Book. Month after month and year after year, your wallet is getting better and better, so at some point you might even be able to make a living out of it. You should not miss the chance! Even if you know someone in your immediate vicinity, they are happy to motivate you to send us some photos. Whether Hamburg or Berlin, the application is quite simple, so you have as little effort as possible.

Applying as Plus Size Model in an Agency: Polaroids

Do you need an elaborate and great photo shoot? Absolutely no way! If you want to promote yourself for the first time as a model, you do not need a lavish photo shoot with a photographer, all you need is a cell phone, daylight and a bright wall. Because a model agency wants Polaroids from you! At that time Polaroids were still made with an analog camera, they show the model quite naturally without styling and without make-up. Today, model agencies still call this type of photo Polaroid. In principle, it’s about:

Standard Photo for Models with Daylight: Portrait + Full Body

Wait until you have good daylight, so you do not need an additional electronic light source. In daylight, your skin is best seen, as well as everything is well lit. In the second step you would need a mobile phone and ideally a girlfriend or your mom or dad. You stand with black pants and black top and high heels with your back to the wall and make a full body photo and a portrait. Here’s a little hint, make some shots and look for the best photos in retrospect. For the model agency you have then usually only 2 photos or 3. One is a full body photo, the second is a portrait and ideally you have a second portrait with a smile. The other photos, you should keep very small, without facial expression. So you can remember that for a Polaroid you do not need styling, make-up, pauses or facial expressions. Pur you as you are!

Outfit: Jeans, Top and Bikini

Now comes the last step, changing your outfit from black jeans and black top to a black or white bikini, ideally, should you have a red or yellow on hand, that’s okay. The important thing is that you do not have any big patterns or designs that could distract you. Even as a curvy model, you should feel 100% comfortable in a bikini! You are beautiful as you are! The phrase sounds simple but was 100% self confidence is everything! Every model, especially at a young age, has spots on his body that he does not like. It’s the same for every human being. As a growing model, however, you should develop so much self-confidence that you look over such small issues. After all, you are a role model!

Joy, self-confidence, charisma and temper

You embody joy, self-confidence, charisma and temperament. After we have ticked off the photos and the self-confidence, only your measurements come! Of course, as a model agency, we do not expect you to measure yourself down to the millimeter, we are concerned with a rough assessment, especially of your height, which you can measure relatively easily. For this we need your clothing size. Ideally, but not important, chest, hips, waist, shoes, jeans.

That’s all you need for your model application, not so difficult right? That’s why it pays to become a plus size model! Especially in Germany you have very dear customers and can collect many great memories for your whole life.

Customers in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne … Online-Shops and Advertising

As a plus size model you usually do exactly the same jobs as any other model, from the fashion show to the look book, online shop or even advertising campaigns and speaking roles in commercials. As a model, you can work your way up, from your first jobs in showrooms or as a test model to online stores, social media shoots for Instagram, Facebook, or even the first shoots for YouTube. Up to advertising campaigns and later even commercials, which may then not only run in Germany but throughout the German-speaking world, Europe or even worldwide.

If you see yourself for the first time on a billboard or in a promotional clip in front of your favorite Youtuber, you’ll be very happy! You will not only gather references and customers, but also meet models with whom you will sometimes even make friends. Some young models even go abroad, work there for a few months and then come back. A priceless experience that can only be found in a model agency. If you’re a model on Instagram or YouTube, you can no longer work as a model in front of the camera, but also as an influencer . Some of our models are not only working for the classic online shop, but also for big shoe manufacturers on YouTube and present new collections or launch large beauty products.

As a Curvy Model, you may as well be a role model for the next generation or your generation. If you’re diligent and often posting regularly on Instagram or posting YouTube videos, you can take it a long way! Equally interesting are jobs as brands Ambassador. If you have worked long enough and have gathered enough references, you may eventually become a brand ambassador for a brand!

Step by step to the experienced model and Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, you stand by your name for the quality of the company and the company gets a bit of your positive and modern image. A win-win situation for both sides. As a brand ambassador, you are not just an advertising face and stand for quality with your name, sometimes you are also booked for presentations at trade fairs or in video clips. A very special challenge, when you no longer have to work just for a picture, but directly for a few hours, in a live situation with many people. Experienced models do it! That’s exactly what should be your path and your motivation, step by step to the professional model.

Our Model Agency will help you every step of the way, from the first professional test shoots with first-class photographers to building your model portfolio, from the first jobs to travel support and as a permanent contact for your career. We support you not only in your career, but also in school, because education always has the first place!

As long as you’re still in school when you’re still at school (read more about School & Modeling ), you will first do fewer jobs, but that’s normal because you should focus on school. The degree will help you all your life! You will need good German, in writing and word, especially if you later also have speaking roles in commercials or moderation, your English should be good, so that you can also talk to international customers on a photo set, mathematical basics should sit with it No one can beat you, sport is important so that you have a good figure later on … and so on! The school is irreplaceable and therefore also the alpha and omega for you, if you want to become a model. Once you’re done with the school, let’s go!

Model Casting: Curvy + Plus Size Wanted

Can I also come to a normal modelcasting? You’re welcome! Our castings are usually held every 3 months in Berlin, Cologne or Munich. Soon we will also be our first casting in Hamburg event, you are also invited to an appointment as Plus Size as a model.

Is there a difference between live casting and online application?

The chances are exactly the same! Only … when you apply online you save yourself and the agency a lot of time. Nevertheless, live casting is always fun! That’s why we regularly organize our appointments, the process is always the same.

You introduce yourself to a variety of models, usually 50, 100 or 200 models. As in the TV Model Castings, a 3- to 4-member jury sits in front of you. You introduce yourself, make a short walk. If you have already worked as a model, you show your Model Book. Such a Go Lake usually takes 2 to 3 minutes. So you do not have much time to introduce yourself, but enough for the jury to make an impression. Since models are always concerned first with the appearance, the assessment is relatively quickly possible, very different from z. For example, with influencers or with experienced models, with which one enters directly into jobs, in which the fees are higher.

As a model that is at the beginning of his career, you expect in principle the highest level of professionalism, of course you can make a few mistakes but it should not be too many. As a model, you also earn relatively good salaries at a young age, sometimes as much as others earn in a month, with just one job. You should always be aware that you are interchangeable. As in any profession, people are to be replaced, so you should always be friendly and give your best.

Plus Size Models for Online Shops and Product Photography

Fashion sells about emotions and feelings, two aspects that you can especially emphasize with a model. Joie de vivre but also fun in the product, that first-class posing with facial expressions and gestures, with every single product image. Particularly in product photography for online shops, the experience of models plays a crucial role, as they create much more outfits in the hour or in the day. The more outfits the photographer can produce for the customer, the higher the payment for the model. A mutual win-win situation.

The just mentioned joie de vivre, Curved Models can bring in jobs outstanding. Because they have a more everyday lifestyle, while at the same time paying close attention to their skin, hair, body and figure, they are for many an absolute role model and partly much more authentic in advertising. Of course, Plus Size Models, although closer to the typical woman, are not supplanting the classic high fashion model, yet they are a very exciting addition to online stores, product photography but also lookbooks. Your energy can be felt on the set, by her friendly nature, as well as the uncomplicated cooperation. Shootings for online shops are thus always done with a lot of passion and experience. Look forward to the results!

Curved Models for Commercials

Just as in the online shop, Curved Models are also increasingly popular in commercials and films. Whether it is broadcast on television in the end or streamed on YouTube as an advertisement, curvy women appear in more and more video clips. This also gives you a more interesting and international look. Put together three different model types in one commercial, e.g. the classic model, a teenage model, a plus size model and an older model, we have a very nice overall image that appeals to a large audience, through the different ages and characters.

Shooting, commercial, our models are versatile!

You are looking for the perfect Plus Size Model? We will find the perfect candidate for you, for all types of advertising and presentation, with experience and expertise, so that production is guaranteed to be a success. Our model scouts are in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Dusseldorf to find the best models for you. With construction and first tests with first-class photographers, we can always promise high-quality results. We look forward to you!