Curvy Models! The interview with Oliver Rudolph in FIV Magazine #backstage

Curvy Models – Oliver Rudolph, CM Photographer & Creative Arts Director interviewed by Soraya Wanya (FIV Magazine). “We have conducted an exclusive interview for you with […] Oliver Rudolph around the topic of Curvy! Curvy Models, the trend is increasingly conquering the model world. […] Who knows better about models and the model world than a photographer? We have invited one of the best German fashion photographers and talk to him about the topic of curvy models, size 0 and the change in the model world, because just the individuality steit just in the industry and so not only curvy but also influencers, tattoos or colorful hair are just totally hip. You can see everything about the topic in our interview. Here you can find photo galleries and more: Oliver Rudolph.”

Come by! On 14.01.2018 is our Curvy Models Casting @Berlin.

Oliver Rudolph in an interview on the trend topic Plus Size or Curvy Models

Here you can find the interview with Oliver Rudolph in the magazine. You can find more interviews, vlogs and specials on our Youtube Channel: FIV Magazine.