Gwen – Coming Up Curvy New Face: First Photos!

Gwen – Power woman and young newcomer model! With her beautiful curves and seductive cat eyes, Gwen has enchanted us with her look. The look is also in demand in the modeling world. Models like Sarina Nowak or Kate Upton have long proven that you don’t have to have Parisian hips to be part of successful and big campaigns. Take a first look at Gwen in action:

Gwen’s shooting video & first pictures: Close-Ups, Cat Eyes & Poses

At her first photoshoot Gwen convinced everyone. She is fun to work with, keeps it short and professional and in the end everyone is happy. Check out the results of her first shoot here and watch Gwen in action.

Behind the Scenes: Gwen shooting – Video

Take a look at Gwen in motion in our latest Youtube video. Never miss new content and subscribe to our Youtube channel!

First pictures from the shooting with Oliver Rudolph