Urban Wear Models

Streetwear is the name for certain types of urban, often “youthful” leisure clothing. The term is often used by the clothing or lifestyle industry as a marketing keyword.

You are looking for a Urban Wear Model?

We are a Model Agency which focuses on diffrent types and personalities. If you are looking for a Urban Wear model, you are welcome to take a look on our models. As soon as you send us your request we will take care of everthing so you can do your job without any extra stress. We want to make it possible for you to get the perfect Urban Wear model for your campaign. Professional in their look, emotion and style. We represent models in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and all over Europe from Paris to Milan. Looking for a Urban Wear model for your next advertising campaign? Get in touch with us.

Here you can take a look on our > Model Board

You want to become a Urban Wear Model?

There is no specific agency for Urban Wear Models. If you have the measurements for a model you can apply in any agency. If you want to run international catwalks and campaigns, you really need to know that many girls and boys have the dream to become a model, especially for their favorite brand. The size of models is a decisive factor. Clothes look filigree, shows can be estimated, shoots are easier to plan. This makes the organization much easier for photographers, agencies and managers. These measures are valid in the international model industry:

  • Women: 175-180cm
  • Slim figure
  • Usually long hair

For male models:

  • Men: 186-190cm
  • Slim to athletic figure

Nowerdays many brands also take Influencers as a model, because they are closer to the target group. But these are only a few. If you really want to become a model you have to have the passion and of course the right mesurements. If so, feel free to apply now.

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